WASHINGTON, September 29, 2005 ( – John Roberts was sworn in as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court this afternoon after being approved in a 78-22 Senate vote this morning. All 55 Senate Republicans voted for Roberts and were joined by 22 Democrats and Jim Jeffords (I-Vermont). 22 Democrats voted “No,” following the lead of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada).

Roberts Swearing in as Chief JusticeAddressing the gathered guests for the swearing in ceremony, President George W. Bush stressed the importance of the event saying, “The nomination power is one of the most serious responsibilities of a President. When a President chooses a Supreme Court justice he is placing in human hands the full authority and majesty of the law.” Bush described Roberts as a man of “integrity, deep humility, and uncommon talent” and praised him for “his reverence for the Constitution and laws of our country; his impartiality and devotion to justice; his modesty and great personal decency.”

After taking his oath on the Bible, Roberts thanked the President and others who assisted him during the confirmation process. Concluding his remarks he thanked his supporters for their prayers and asked for their continued prayer support.“Over the past ten weeks, many people who I did not know came up to me and offered encouragement and support. Many of them told me that I and my family was in their prayers and in their hopes. I want to thank all of those people. I will need in the months and years ahead that encouragement and those prayers.,” he said.