Rocker: Mothers should be able to kill, eat newborn 'fetis'

Blue Traveler lead singer John Popper pops off about abortion.
Tue Jun 4, 2013 - 10:19 pm EST

LOS ANGELES, June 5, 2013 ( – The lead singer of the band Blues Traveler has an unappetizing proposal for abortion: He believes mothers should be able to kill and eat their own children until they can "physically escape" from her.

John Popper, who penned the band's Grammy-winning song “Run Around,” did not beat around the bush in a series of 22 Twitter messages to Cleveland Plain Dealer Washington Bureau Chief Steve Koff on May 31.

Koff had just tweeted about how Popper was going to address gun rights before the National Press Club in D.C. this week.


In response, the northeast Ohio native discussed his long enthusiasm for firearms, then somehow tied abortion to Southerners who allegedly threatened to shoot members of the Ku Klux Klan when they tried to hold cross burnings.

In the exchanges, Popper felt as easy breaking free from grammatical and spelling conventions as he does melodic structures. He wrote of “the need for a woman to decide if her fetis lives or dies. I personally believe as in nature that the mother gets to cook&eat her baby untill it can physicaly escape from her...but good luck making that into a lobby.”

His position, he tweeted, is based on “the individual having the right to make hard decisions.”

“Yes I'm pro choice, pro pot, pro gay marriage & ANTI [capital] gains tax,” he tweeted later. “I err on liberty's side..always have.”

Popper, who was raised by a Jewish father and a Catholic mother, refers to himself as a “recovering Catholic.” He wrote a song, “Trina Magna,” as an attempt to “secularize” the Holy Trinity.

In 2012 he told the Voice of Russia: "I want everything to be legal. I want machine guns and abortions, and gay marriage, and no capital gains tax... and there's no place for me to be. I'm a man without a party, kind of."

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He said he suffered a heart attack in 1999 while masturbating to pornography.

When a reader expressed his displeasure at the singer's enthusiasm for infanticide and cannibalism, Popper replied, “Remember we're all god's we can all be murdered... wink That's what the plaugue was all about.”

You may read the relevant tweets here, or the full transcript here.

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