By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

ROCKFORD, Illinois, May 31, 2010 ( – Grotesque “decorations” in the windows of the notoriously bizarre Northern Illinois Women’s Center abortuary in Rockford, featuring such things as rubber chickens hanging from nooses, a nun in a coffin, and posters taunting the pro-lifers who regularly keep vigil outside with mocking and hateful messages, has hit a new level of offensiveness.

A sign, located a few feet away from a door to the abortion mill marked “main entrance” has a picture of Jesus sticking up his middle finger at passers-by with the words “Even Jesus Hates You.”

Rockford Pro-Life said in their newsletter that pro-life sidewalk counselors were shocked, that, even considering this abortion mill’s history of bigotry, they would place a sign with this message near their new main clinic entrance.

One sidewalk counselor was quoted to say, “What are they trying to do to these women, break their spirit?”

Another pro-lifer commented, “it looks like their message to a woman facing the most difficult decision she will ever make in her life is Jesus hates you, go ahead and kill your baby.”

Another angle the abortion mill has taken is to post signs that personally attack the Catholic priests who gather every week to pray at the abortuary.

“An unofficial count of mothers entering the mill within a month of these devout priests praying showed the abortion totals to be cut at least in half. This is also when signs started appearing in the mill windows attacking Catholic Priests,” a spokesman for Rockford Pro-Life observed.

“On Friday May 28th, the abortion mill sank to a new low even for them,” the pro-lifer said. “As a priest was quietly praying the prayers of the Church accompanied by a seminarian, someone inside the building that houses the Northern Illinois Women’s Center put a sign that clearly stated, “FâEUR¦. Your Perverted Priests.”

It was reported that Catholic priests have also had to endure personal insults from the abortion mill landlord and security guard. The car of one priest has been egged by an abortion supporter at this mill.

A priest has also had a hand-written sign taped to his car while he was quietly praying on the sidewalk in front of the mill. The sign read, “I Rape Children.”

As one Rockford area pro-lifer said, “This group of priests has prayed at this mill no matter the weather, intimidation, and mocking threats they have faced. In the spirit of Jesus Christ, they have responded to these attacks with prayer, humility, and love.”

The response of the pro-life community in the face of these attacks has been both prayerful and hopeful.

“It is the hope of the Rockford Christian community that Rockford city officials will look into the long and hate-filled history of the abortion mill and come to a decision that this kind of bigotry is not acceptable in our city,” the group said in a statement.

“As for these holy men who pray and work for life and for an end to the demonic inspired culture of death in Rockford, we owe them our support, prayers, and grateful thanks for leading us in this battle against sin, Satan, and death.”

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