Roe v. Wade movie premieres this weekend at CPAC

The movie shows the truth about abortion and its legal history.
Wed Feb 24, 2021 - 4:49 pm EST
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ORLANDO, Florida, February 24, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The upcoming film Roe v. Wade, detailing the events surrounding the 1973 Supreme Court decision permitting abortion, is due to premiere this Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando. Former President Donald Trump will be speaking at the event on Sunday.

The plot is told from the viewpoint of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a former prolific abortionist and co-founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Nathanson later became a stalwart in the pro-life movement, and his conversion is portrayed in the film.

The film has been co-written and co-directed by Nick Loeb and Cathy Allyn, and aims, according to Loeb, to “lay out the facts of how Roe v. Wade came to be and how it was decided” so that viewers can make up their own mind and “take one view or another.” Loeb noted that it was not a “preachy” movie, but one where “[w]e show it how it was.”

“We spent a year doing research. I read over 40 books, court transcripts. Everything is documented. There’s not one thing we made up,” he added.

Roe v. Wade originally premiered at the Vienna Independent Film Festival last year, and is set to be released on Amazon and iTunes this April.

Academy Award winner and veteran actor Jon Voight stars as Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, and is also set to give an address at the film’s premiere at CPAC. Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King, who works with Priests for Life, is an executive producer and actor in the film, as well.

While not all actors are necessarily pro-life, Loeb revealed that one actually changed his position from supporting to opposing abortion as a result of making the film.

“We had one actor — I’m not going to mention his name — who was pro-choice and he converted during the movie. He became pro-life when he learned more about the life of a baby.”

Loeb also brings his own experience with abortion to the film, as he noted that he had “two partners who both had abortions.” Those abortions had “an emotional impact on me,” Loeb said. “As I’ve gotten older, the more regret I have. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have had them.”

It is something of this full realization of the truth about abortion that Loeb hopes viewers will draw from watching Roe v. Wade. “The case gets thrown around all the time without a full understanding of how it came to be and what happened. I really want people to understand, whether they’re pro-choice or pro-life, that when a woman gets pregnant, there’s a baby there.”

“It’s not a clump of cells or a gob of goo,” he added. “There’s a real living being that has a heartbeat in the first couple of weeks that you can hear. People should understand that so they don’t take abortion so lightly.”

During production, Priests for Life president Fr. Frank Pavone had a “very good meeting” with Loeb about the project and took the time to share his enthusiasm with LifeSiteNews. “Roe v. Wade the Movie is very true to life, showing the real story behind the legalization of abortion,” Pavone said in 2018. “I knew Norma McCorvey and Dr. Bernard Nathanson and others involved personally.”

“It’s important that the American public see the deceptive machinations and out-and-out lies that the Supreme Court’s Roe decision is based on,” he continued. “The riveting, real-life drama will be a revelation to those who’ve only heard pro-abortion rhetoric.”

Such an informative role is needed particularly in the current society, Loeb notes, as he pointed to the “silencing” which occurs against those who do not align with the liberal viewpoint. “I have found because of what I support, people have stopped talking to me because of who I may have voted for or who I may have supported or my positions on certain issues. I’ve never seen that in my life until now.”

A large part of such societal differences would seem to be based on the acceptance of abortion, which Loeb described as even being used in Hollywood as “a badge of honor.”

Loeb decried this view: “It is the ending of the life of a human being, no matter at what stage. That’s something that needs to be taken with extreme seriousness, thoughtfulness and concern. Americans are a very sensitive society and we need to be sensitive about all issues, especially the life of a human being.”

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The film encountered difficulties in production when Facebook blocked access to its funding site. “We need your support now more than ever. Facebook has banned us from inviting friends to ‘Like’ our page and from ‘Sharing’ our PAID ads,” the film’s creators pleaded.

Crowdfunding thus became a key part of securing the film’s future, and without the money to run large ad campaigns, Loeb specifically chose the now sold-out CPAC as the place to launch the film.

“I want people to take away the truth,” Loeb stated, referring to abortion and the case of Roe v. Wade which in effect launched the spread of abortion throughout the nation.

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