Romania: Abortions Continue to Exceed Live Births

BUCHAREST, February 10, 2004 ( - Romania has released its abortion statistics for 2003 which reveals that abortions still exceed live births. In the first nine months of 2003 alone, 170,000 abortions were committed - 8000 more children were aborted than were born alive in the same period.

Romania, a Russian - controlled dictatorship until 1989, saw more than three abortions recorded for each birth in 1990.  Romania leads the world, second only to Russia, in its abortion rate.  A 2000 report from the World Health Organization revealed that “Russia and Central-Eastern Europe, with roughly 10 percent of the global population, accounts for up to a third of the 30 million to 40 million abortions registered annually around the world.”  The abortion rate is horrific in Russia where six out of 10 pregnancies end in abortion.  Russian officials have said that the high abortion rate accounts for about 6 million women being infertile (out of 38 million females who are of child-bearing age).  Medical authorities consider abortion to be a “major cause” of infertility.

Read related coverage from last year which revealed that   “Romania Has 70% Abortion Rate” at:   and the LifeSite coverage of the Russian abortion rate:

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