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ROME, March 11, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Should parents have the right to exercise conscientious objection in order to prevent their children from being inoculated with vaccines produced from aborted fetal cell lines? And what does science tell us about these vaccines?

Scientists, ecclesiastics, activists and parents will gather at a Rome conference on March 13 to explore the history, science and politics surrounding the use of aborted fetuses in vaccines given to children around the world.

The association organizing the event is called Renovatio 21. The conference will take place at 3:30pm at the Casa Bonus Pastor in Rome and will be themed: “Faith, Science and Conscience: using aborted fetuses for pharmaceutical production.”  

LifeSite spoke with one of the founders of Renovatio 21, Cristiano Lugli, ahead of the event. 

He pointed out that the use of aborted fetuses in vaccine research has been confirmed by one of its own great pioneers, Dr. Stanley Plotkin, a doctor and consultant of Sanofi-Pasteur

In a shocking deposition in January 2018, Plotkin said that 76 aborted fetuses were used in one study alone. During the interrogation, Plotkin, a self-professed atheist who admitted to “taking issue with religious beliefs,” also said he would be “glad” to go to hell for having use “aborted tissues” in vaccines.

Lugli, a father, said the aim of the Rome conference is to inform parents and Catholic institutions concerning the history and science behind this practice, and to “battle against the obligation to inoculate our children with vaccines produced from cell lines of aborted fetuses.”

Also to be discussed at the conference is the Pontifical Academy for Life’s recent and disturbing shift in support of such vaccines on the grounds that “in the past vaccines may have been prepared from cells from aborted human fetuses,” but today “the cell lines used are very distant from the original abortions.”

The list of conference speakers includes Dr. Theresa Deisher, research scientist and director of the Sound of Choice Pharmaceutical Institute; and Dr. Debi Vinnedge, President of the “Children of God for Life,” the world leader in the campaign for ethical vaccines, medicines and consumer products. Other noted speakers include Italian scientist Stefano Montanari, director of Nanodiagnostics Laboratory, and Dr. Martina Collotta, a medical doctor and expert in bioethics and biotechnologies. 

US Cardinal Raymond Burke, former prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, will deliver the opening and concluding address at the March 13 event.

The conference has also received the endorsement of Bishop Athanasius Schneider, who in a letter to conference organizers called the use of aborted fetuses in vaccine research a “new barbarity of biological cannibalism.”

Here is our interview with conference organizer Cristiano Lugli.

LifeSite: Cristiano, what can you tell us about Renovatio 21?

Lugli: Renovatio 21 was founded about two years ago. I am one of the two founders, along with author Roberto Dal Bosco, who had the initial inspiration. 

Our aim is to defend the unrepeatable and divine miracle of Life, and to defend Civilization as the earthly cradle of Life. The abyss that has opened up under humanity threatening to swallow it is so great that we no longer believe it is only necessary to “defend”: For the sake of life and civilization, we need to go on the attack.

Unborn life, end of life, artificial fertilization, moral subversion, vaccinations and mass psycho-pharmaceuticals: The Culture of Death is spreading everywhere. The culture of death perverts the pure, kills the innocent, exterminates man and his children. This is happening now. We have taken up the mission of defending the last bank of moral and bioethical resistance with the strength and resources we have.

What inspired you to sponsor the upcoming conference in Rome?

This conference was inspired by one of the main purposes for which Renovatio 21 was founded: to do battle against the obligation to inoculate our children with vaccines produced from cell lines of aborted fetuses. The issue is very important, both for moral and scientific reasons. In 2005, during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, the Pontifical Academy for Life was quite clear on the issue and published a document that reiterated the obligation in conscience to fight against the production of these morally illicit vaccines. 

But things today have changed somewhat. In July 2017, the Pontifical Academy for Life issued a brief note — on the same day the Italian government approved a law mandating compulsory vaccines for children — saying there are no longer moral problems with the vaccines in question, as if the problem no longer exists. In fact, the statement said that, if “in the past vaccines may have been prepared from cells from aborted human fetuses,” today “the cell lines used are very distant from the original abortions.” The statement from the Pontifical Academy for Life added that “the cell lines on which the vaccines in question are cultivated come only from the two fetuses originally aborted in the 1960s.” These claims are not supported by the science and will be among the topics to be discussed at the Rome conference.

We have therefore decided to organize this event to help people to understand that the problems, from 2005 to the present, have remained the same, if not worsened.

How long have vaccines been produced using the cell lines of aborted fetuses? 

Consider that the two main abortions to produce the two cell lines most used in vaccines (MRC-5 and WI-38) date back to the 1960s. For more than sixty years, therefore, many vaccines have been produced in this way. Some say that since there are “only” two abortions and they are very old, the problem of cooperation with evil is so remote that the problem no longer exists. From a moral point of view, this is false, because the sin of abortion, which cries out to God for vengeance, cannot fall under a statute of limitations. 

What is more, we know that many more abortions were carried out. This was confirmed by one of the greatest pioneers in vaccinations: Dr. Stanley Plotkin, doctor and consultant of Sanofi-Pasteur, in a shocking deposition in January 2018 stated that 76 aborted fetuses were used in just one pharmaceutical research study on vaccines. During the interrogation, Plotkin, a self-professed atheist who admitted to “taking issue with religious beliefs,” said he would be “glad” to go to hell for having use “aborted tissues” in vaccines.

How do companies who produce these vaccines justify their use of cell lines from aborted fetuses?

Pharmaceutical companies justify this “new barbarity of biological cannibalism” — as Bishop Athanasius Schneider rightly called it in a March 13 statement blessing our meeting — by saying that only “a few” fetuses were used to carry out scientific research for global health. We know that this reasoning is morally unacceptable: the sacredness of human life cannot be put in second place to the advancement of science. 

Readers should also be aware that, in order to produce “good” cell lines, it’s necessary that the fetuses are very healthy and are taken alive, with the organs intact. 

Who is profiting monetarily from the use of cell lines of aborted fetuses?

This human tissue market profits not only the pharmaceutical industry, but also (and first and foremost) abortion giants like Planned Parenthood. After the scandal that struck the for-profit abortion industry, the economic interests these companies have in selling organs of aborted fetuses to research centers is even more obvious.

Are there laws which obligate these companies to tell parents that their child is being injected with a vaccine containing cell lines of aborted fetuses?

Basically pharmaceutical companies are obliged by law to indicate that there are cell lines of aborted fetuses in some vaccines — such as the one that is mandatory in Italy, MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella Virus Vaccine Live). Even though they are obliged by law to write it on the packaging, they still try to deny it. It’s absurd.

They are not obliged to let people know that new cell lines (using aborted fetuses) have been created, such as Walvax-2, yet they publish studies on these new vaccines because they are shameless. These new cell lines will replace the old ones, which likely have become severely carcinogenic, as Dr. Theresa Deisher, a researcher speaking at the conference, will explain. 

Is this an international problem? 

The problem is certainly international, because vaccines are becoming mandatory everywhere, and are produced by the same pharmaceutical companies in every state. In Italy there is currently no possibility of conscientious objection on religious grounds. In almost all 50 US states such legislation exists, but there are efforts underway to remove this protection.

We are fighting to ensure that parents who are believers can take advantage of conscientious objection, because cooperation to evil, even if indirect and remote, is still a problem of conscience.

Who are the featured speakers at the conference?

We have a number of special guests who will be speaking at the conference. His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who has decided to support our battle, will deliver an opening and closing address. Debi Vinnedge, President of “Children of God For Life” — an American association fighting to stop the production of vaccines and cosmetics made with aborted human tissue — will also speak.

Dr. Theresa Deisher, a researcher and director of Sound of Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, will focus on the pioneering research she and her team are engaged in.

This will be followed by Dr. Martina Collotta, an Italian medical expert in bioethics. Dr. Collotta will highlight the horrible procedures for extracting live and intact aborted fetuses. 

Prof. Stefano Montanari, an Italian scientist who has conducted several microscopic analyses on vaccines, finding several anomalies, will also address the conference. Prof. Montanari has long supported our fight and is the only researcher in Italy to do so.

What are your hopes for the conference?

Our hope and our goal is to awaken consciences and to send a clear and strong message also to Catholic institutions. We hope they will be listening. But the message is also addressed to the large Italian Pro-Life associations: bringing to Italy the work of a large American association such as “Children of God for Life,” which is fighting for this cause, is aimed at making it clear to the Italian pro-life movement that fighting abortion also means stopping this scientific and pharmaceutical commodification. 

In Italy, a doctor can, in certain cases, refuse to give an electrocardiogram to a woman who is going to have an abortion. Is it possible that parents cannot refuse to inoculate their child with a vaccine obtained and produced through a gravely illicit act such as abortion?