Kathleen Gilbert


Ron Paul’s patients speak out in new pro-life ad

Kathleen Gilbert

LAKE JACKSON, Texas, December 21, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A new video featuring former patients of Ron Paul’s OB-GYN practice in Texas has been released by his campaign.

The four patients recount their experience with Dr. Paul as a steadfastly Christian doctor who supported their pro-life beliefs.

“Life begins at conception in my opinion, and as a result, I love to go to a doctor who feels the same way,” says one former patient. “He not only protects unborn life, but he also walks through journeys with women and he has for years,” says another.

Dr. Paul, an Air Force flight surgeon and 12-term Congressman from Texas, is by trade an OB-GYN who says he has personally delivered more than 4,000 babies.

Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton said in a press release Tuesday the ad was intended to convey “the message that not only is Ron Paul the Champion of the Constitution, he is also a champion of life with particular emphasis on the unborn.”

Long dismissed as too controversial to become a serious choice for the GOP primary, Paul has found growing support in the key caucus state of Iowa, where Newt Gingrich has been losing momentum against Mitt Romney over the past several days. The latest CNN poll showed Paul with a majority of Iowa support, after a Public Policy Poll Monday first placed Paul as the frontrunner in the state.

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