Thaddeus Baklinski


Rush Limbaugh: ‘How the Catholic Church got roped into liberalism’

Thaddeus Baklinski

March 19, 2012 ( - In the aftermath of the controversy stirred up by Rush Limbaugh’s comments on Georgetown University law student and pro-abortion activist Sandra Fluke, the talk show host speculated last week about how, in his view, the Catholic Church “got roped into the liberal socialist agenda.”

Sandra Fluke sparked a national discussion after she testified at a press conference arranged by Democrat politicians about how her Catholic school, Georgetown law, does not fund her contraception. Fluke was arguing in favor of the Obama administration’s birth control mandate, which would force even religious universities and employers to fund birth control and abortifacient drugs against their consciences. 

“If you’re an activist, by definition, you are enrolling to stir it up there,” Limbaugh told a caller on his Open Line Friday show, in reference to Fluke. “You are enrolling to tear down the moral and conscience policies of that institution. That’s the express purpose.  The Catholic Church is under siege. The Catholic Church is under attack. It’s a huge target. And the Catholic Church finally knows it.”

Limbaugh said that he “learned a lot during this whole fiasco,” referring to the media uproar when he called Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” after she called on Congress to force her university to pay for her contraception.

“One of the things that I learned was the reason the Catholic Church (all the way back to the days of FDR) got roped into the liberal socialist agenda is that they became convinced that welfare was charity, and churches are big on charity.

“And they thought that it would sound good for them to support massive government wealth-transfer programs, welfare programs, under the guise that it was charity.”

Limbaugh said that this liberalism was not directed at the tenets of faith of the Church, but rather manifested itself it the Church’s “political associations and attachments.”

“So the Catholic Church and its hierarchy in this country slowly but surely migrated to socialism, in terms of its political preferences. Now, not so much the way it dealt with its flock, but outwardly - with its political associations and attachments (i.e. people that they voted for, supported) - under the notion that liberalism is charity, under the notion that welfare is charity.”

“Well, it isn’t,” Limbaugh stated. “Liberals give money to people wanting a payback. The payback is the vote. Liberals are not giving people money to increase their lifestyles or improve their lifestyles. It doesn’t happen, does it? The poor are still poor. The homeless are still homeless.  Despite all these great liberal programs, the numbers, the percentages never change.”

“Liberalism doesn’t solve problems,” Limbaugh charged. “It doesn’t fix anything. So it isn’t charity. Real charity is targeted to people in genuine need who cannot help themselves. The purpose of welfare is not to help people who can’t help themselves. If I may be blunt, the purpose of welfare is to create as many people as possible who refuse to help themselves because they don’t have to anymore.”

“Welfare is robbing Peter to buy Paul’s vote,” Limbaugh observed.

“But the Catholic Church got roped into this whole notion that all of that is ‘charity,’ so they became big supporters of it. This is now causing some lights to go on at the upper levels of the Church,” Limbaugh concluded.

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