By John Jalsevac

MOSCOW, Russia, July 30, 2007 ( – A Russian nationalist youth group is encouraging youth to have more sex in an effort to combat the nation’s devastating demographic crisis, reports the Daily Mail.

In a lengthy special report the Daily Mail documents the activities of the Nashi youth movement, which is sponsoring a summer camp attended by some 10,000 Russian youth this summer. Not only are Nashi organizers encouraging the youth to have more sex, but they have designated a special area at the dormitories, the Love Oasis, for young men and women to engage in sexual intercourse. According to the Mail, condoms are unavailable in the camp.

“They [The pre-historic mammoths] became extinct because they did not have enough sex. That must not happen to Russia,” said a Nashi organizer to a group of assembled campers.

The nationalistic camp involves two weeks of lectures, reported by some Western sources as being little more than anti-Western “propaganda,” as well as a strenuous regimen of physical exercise. Numerous young couples have also been married at the camp, with 25 couples being married at the beginning of the first week, and ten to be married at the beginning of the second.

While many people, especially in the West, are finding in the Kremlin-initiated, and Kremlin-loyal Nashi youth group a disturbing image of similar groups started up in Nazi-era Germany, the camp’s approach to sex is further evidence that the Russian government is not unaware that a demographic crisis is leading the entire Russian nation towards an early grave.

In late 2006, statistics indicated that Russia’s population is withering away by at least 700,000 people each year, emptying the northern and eastern regions of Russia, and leaving hundreds of abandoned “ghost villages” dotting the Russian landscape.

Although the Russian government has wrestled with creative proposals to defuse the rapidly unfolding demographic crisis, including a so-called “sterility tax,” Russia’s politicians still continue to remain silent about addressing the elephant in the room, Russia’s unfettered culture of abortion. Abortions outnumber Russian births by a ratio of 2-1, and have been a part of Russia since the then Communist country became the first nation in the world to legalize abortion in 1920. It is estimated that 70% of all pregnancies end in abortion.

High abortion rates also go statistically hand in hand with sexually permissive cultures, and as such it seems unlikely that Nashi’s policy of encouraging “more sex” is going to solve Russia’s demographic problem. While sex does lead to pregnancies and child-birth, without putting in place the moral order whereby abortion and contraception are seen as evils to be condemned and monogamous marriage as a foundational good, “more sex” will likely only lead to even higher rates of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, adding even more to the long list of Russia’s ills.

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