TORONTO, February 28, 2003 ( – Pro-life students at Ryerson University in Toronto have been turned down in their bid to achieve official group status at the university.  On Thursday February 20, 2003 the RyeSAC (Ryerson Students’ Administrative Council) held their monthly Board of Directors meeting during which the ratification of Ryerson University Choose Life Association (RUCLA) was on the agenda.

One of the 24 members of the Board of Directors, Ken Marciniec (an executive of RyeSAC) called in around 20 “pro-choicers” to attend the meeting. One was a representative of the Coalition of Abortion Clinics; another was a professor of Moral Philosophy at Ryerson. Nearly 20 people spoke on the issue in the form of a debate. (8 for: 12 against)

The main argument raised against the group was the ‘hateful nature’ of the pamphlets distributed by the group as they solicited signatures on Campus Caravan Day in mid January. One of the pamphlets described as “hateful” was a pamphlet containing quotes from Mother Teresa on abortion.

The ratification vote was conducted through a secret ballot. The results were 11 against ratification and 6 for ratification.