LIFESITE, June 24, 2003 ( – An American family Association report on sex education and the sexual activity of American teens contains the following notable facts and statistics:  * Condoms are completely ineffective against six common STDs.  * According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 25% of sexually active teenagers get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) every year and * 80% of infected teens don’t even know they have an STD, passing the diseases along to unsuspecting partners.  * 46% of teen girls become infected with an STD during their first sexual encounter.  * 30 different STDs infect millions of kids ages 12 to 18.  * 20% of Americans age 12 and older test positive for genital herpes.  * Of the new HIV infections each year, about 50% occur in people under the age of 25.