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(LifeSiteNews) — The Salvation Army is losing support heading into the Christmas season due to a vaccine mandate for employees and volunteers.

In support of our commitment to a healthy and safe workplace and community, The Salvation Army (TSA) has a vaccination requirement for volunteers in Canada,” a note at the bottom of an application says. “Volunteers will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide proof of full vaccination, prior to their start date.”

“If the volunteer is unable to vaccinate for a reason protected by the Human Rights Code, a request for accommodation can be requested and written proof satisfactory to TSA will be required,” the application says.

Now that the November 15 deadline has come and gone, the Christian nonprofit is facing the consequences of its decision to require employees to take the abortion-tainted jabs.

“The Williams Lake Salvation Army is losing some staff members and 80 percent of its volunteers due to a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine mandate,” The Williams Lake Tribune reported.

The director of social services for that location said it is “federally mandated to have all staff and volunteers fully vaccinated.” It is not clear what specific mandate Robinson is referring to. Canada has vaccine mandates for travel and federal workers.

LifeSiteNews emailed Salvation Army spokeswoman Esther Wong on Thursday and asked for more information about exemptions, the mandate and how many employees and volunteers had been let go due to the jab requirement. LifeSiteNews did not receive a response.

“We are also losing our full-time volunteer in the drop-in centre,” Tamara Robinson told The Williams Lake Tribune.

The location provides a variety of services that will be unavailable at least temporarily. The website for the Williams Lake location says it offers free haircuts, Internet access, counseling, access to a social worker and activities for all age groups.

The well-known red kettle donation program run by the Salvation Army won’t be happening this year either.

“In addition, the hours at the thrift store will be reduced, the dining hall will be closed and as of Sept. 13, the Saturday night feeding program to the homeless was discontinued, again due to lack of a coordinator and volunteers,” the Williams-Lake paper reported.

The volunteers, Robinson told the paper, had begun returning to pre-COVID lockdown numbers, but now is down again due to the vaccine mandate.

She’s not the only one struggling to keep locations open due to vaccination requirements.

The soup kitchen in Quesnel, which hands out about 300 free meals a week, has shut down too.

“So you look at roughly 300 or so meals a week being given out, and that’s not counting the food bank,” Randy Gatza, a “major” in the Salvation Army, told a local paper.

Volunteers ran the Warrior’s Song Café for the past two years since COVID lockdowns began – and now many of those people are being told to stay home and away because they have chosen not to get jabbed.

“People are faithful and committed, and all of a sudden now, because they don’t get the jab, they can’t do their job that they were doing so well … and that’s sad,” Gatza said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also mandated that Members of Parliament (MPs) get jabbed or else they cannot enter the House of Commons.