WASHINGTON, November 13, 2001 ( – Yesterday the Salvation Army Western Division reversed its policy, which would have extended health benefits to homosexual couples. In a press release on the organization’s website, the Salvation Army says they have “established a national policy to extend health benefits access to an employee’s spouse and dependent children only.”

The decision follows a deluge of complaints from members of the organization and pro-family supporters. The release says, the decision to rescind the policy stemmed from a review of the benefits “which has included messages received from Salvationists and other members of our constituencies.” Salvation Army Commissioner Lawrence R. Moretz wrote, “This will mean that we may need to walk away from historical funding sources or cut back service in communities where such opposition or local regulations conflict with our policy. We must be prepared for this, and prayerfully accept the challenge to seek funding and continue our ministry that will not compromise any of our principles.”

The Family Research Council applauded the decision and said, “Again, we are pleased to see the Salvation Army reclaim it’s biblical standard of morality and reaffirm the importance of marriage and the family.”

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