Same-Sex Couples Face High Divorce Risks, Says New Swedish Study

Tue May 4, 2004 - 12:15 pm EST

WASHINGTON, May 4, 2004 ( - The Institute for Marriage and Public Policy has just released a policy brief, “Same-Sex Unions and Divorce Risk: Data from Sweden,” summarizing new research presented at a recent meeting of the Population Association of America in Boston.  The recent study offers the first systematic review of same-sex unions and divorce rates based on accurate national register data in Sweden from the 1990’s.  Main findings summarized in the policy brief:

“The study found that gay male couples were 1.5 times as likely (or 50 percent more likely) to divorce as married opposite-sex couples, while lesbian couples were 2.67 times as likely (167 percent more likely) to divorce as opposite-sex married couples over a similar period of time. Even after controlling for demographic characteristics associated with increased risk of divorce, male same-sex couples were 1.35 times as likely (35 percent more likely) to divorce, and lesbian couples were three times as likely (200 percent more likely) to divorce as opposite- sex married couples.”  For more info see the Institute’s website:

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