Same-sex marriage advocate George Takei featured at Boston College

Takei has called the Defense of Marriage Act discriminatory and hateful, and has advocated boycotting Hobby Lobby and other for-profit businesses opposing the HHS mandate.
Tue Jan 20, 2015 - 12:32 pm EST
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Boston College’s Robsham Theater recently featured George Takei, an actor and same-sex marriage advocate, on Jan. 16, according to The Heights. The article made no mention of whether Catholic teaching on human sexuality was integrated into the event, which reportedly included an address by Takei on “issues of media, sexuality, and identity.”

The event was reportedly “planned by the Asian Caucus Cabinet in collaboration with GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC), Faces, and Allies” and took place at the Jesuit college’s Robsham Theater.

“With his ability to relay a high profile Asian-American perspective on Asians in the media and Asians in a discussion of cross identity, especially including sexuality, his life and experience present an invaluable opportunity for the Asian Caucus and greater BC community to explore topics that are not often already vigorously discussed on campus,” the student co-president of the Asian Caucus told the Heights.

“George Takei, as famous as he is for being a groundbreaking Asian-American actor, is equally noteworthy for his advocacy work on behalf of the LGBT community,” the co-president added.

Regarding homosexuality, The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that men and women with homosexual tendencies must be treated with “respect, compassion, and sensitivity,” that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered” and that “[h]omosexual persons are called to chastity.” And marriage can only be between one man and one woman.

But Takei has called the Defense of Marriage Act “discriminatory and hateful” in a past blog post, while also maintaining that “references to the Bible or other religious texts are not a solid footing on which to base notions of traditional marriage,” according to a Washington Post op-ed.

Takei also took a public stance against Hobby Lobby’s refusal to comply with the HHS mandate. Following the Supreme Court’s ruling, he wrote that the situation was “a stunning set-back for women’s reproductive rights” and a case of “'religious freedom’ run amok.” He then called for “people of good conscience” to boycott “any for-profit businesses, including Hobby Lobby, which chooses to impose its religious beliefs on its employees.”

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“Once the law starts permitting exceptions based on ‘sincerely held religious beliefs’ there’s no end to the mischief and discrimination that will ensue,” Takei stated in the post.

The Boston College theater hosting the event with Takei states on its website, “In harmony with the Jesuit, Catholic tradition of Boston College, the Robsham Theater instructs and guides students in the presentation and expression of their art, cultures, and ideas to a broad audience.”

The Cardinal Newman Society reached out to Boston College for comment on whether it considered hosting George Takei to conflict with the College’s Catholic identity, but no response was received by time of publication.

Reprinted with permission from The Cardinal Newman Society.

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