TORONTO, October 30, 2006 ( – A nation-wide poll conducted by COMPAS Inc. for the Institute for Canadian Values and National Post from October 18 – 27, 2006 shows that a large majority of Canadians want Parliament to act to protect freedom of religion inÂlight of legislation redefining marriage to include same-sex couples.

64 percent of respondents to the survey, conducted October 18 – 27 said that Parliament should review existing legislation to ensure that freedom of religion is protected while 24 percent opposed such an initiative. Support for a review was nominally higher among women (67 percent in favour vs. 21 percent opposed) while among Francophones, support stood at 59 percent with 25 percent opposed.

The poll also found strong support (57 percent vs. 37 percent) for the right of marriage commissioners to not officiate at same-sex marriages, the right of teachers to express their opposition to same-sex marriage by, for instance, writing letters to their local newspapers (68 percent vs. 28 percent) and the right of business owners to decline business that promotes same-sex relationships in violation of their religious convictions (61 percent vs. 33 percent).

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