Same-Sex ‘Marriages’ Begin Today in Vermont



By Patrick B. Craine

Vermont, September 1, 2009 ( - As of midnight today, September 1, 2009, same-sex 'marriages' began to be performed in Vermont.

Vermont became the fourth state to legally redefine 'marriage' on April 7th, and the first state to do so through legislation rather than through the courts.  The new law gives full marriage rights to same-sex couples who choose to 'marry.'

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas vetoed the House of Representatives' April 6th vote in favor of the same-sex 'marriage' bill, but the next day his veto was overturned when the House obtained the needed votes for a two-third's majority.

Vermont was the first state to institute same-sex civil unions in July 2000.  Following this legislation, the state became a sort of mecca for same-sex couples seeking this official status, and it is expected that the same will be true of the new 'marriage' bill.  According to the Associated Press, 78 percent of Vermont's civil unions came from out-of-state couples.

Shari Rendall, director of legislation and policy for Concerned Women for America, told Focus on the Family's CitizenLink that the legislation is a disaster for America.  "Marriage between one man and one woman is critical to maintaining social stability," she said.  "Society as a whole pays a high price when marriage is devalued.  You see divorce; you see single-parenting; you see a rise in out-of-wedlock pregnancies."

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