OTTAWA, May 18 ( – A bill to be debated next week involving the federal government’s appropriation of the $30 billion surplus in the public service pension plan includes a clause giving benefits to practicing homosexuals. The government seems to have intended to skirt the issue by introducing the pro-homosexualist legislation as simply a small part of a much larger piece of legislation. Pro-family MPs, however, were quick to pick up on the troubling clause of the bill and they are vowing to oppose it.

Since all the opposition parties have vowed to oppose the bill for various reasons, the government bill risks defeat even if only a few Liberal backbenchers vote against their government. Eight Liberals have already voted against the bill during earlier readings.

Liberal backbencher, Tom Wappel, an outspoken defender of the family, proposed an amendment to extend the benefits to any two individuals co-habitating. “It should be based on dependency and companionship and not on who you have sex with,” Wappel told the Canadian Press. Wappel’s measure was ruled out of order much to the chagrin of Liberal MPs with similar concerns.

With files from the Canadian Press