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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.

REGINA, Saskatchewan (LifeSiteNews) — Saskatchewan’s government confirmed that Planned Parenthood has been banned from schools as part of new provincial regulations.

On August 30, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe told the Western Standard that all third-party organizations have been blocked from teaching sexual education to students in the province, including the major abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

“There’s a number of third-party organizations that are not going to come into our classrooms,” Moe said.

“It is the expectation and the desire, I think, all of us in this province for the teachers to actually teach the curriculum, whether it be health and wellness curriculum,” Moe said.

“Whether it be mathematics, whatever. Ultimately, that might be, as far as discussions with respect to what that curriculum looks like moving forward,” he added.

The decision to ban third party presentations comes after ninth graders at Lumsden High School were recently given pornographic cards during an in-school Planned Parenthood presentation.

Last week, Saskatchewan Education Minister Dustin Duncan announced new “Parental Inclusion and Consent Policies,” which mandate parents be informed if their child wants to identify as a different name or “gender,” allow parents to opt their kids out of sex-ed and bans third party presentations from groups including Planned Parenthood.

“Teachers can deliver this curriculum,” Moe said, referring to sexual education. “We’ll have the conversation on ensuring that you know what that curriculum is moving forward and how ultimately the government can play a role in supporting not only the teachers in our classroom but the students.”

“But the minister was very clear with respect to, you know, who will be in and providing material in that classroom and it won’t be third parties,” he continued.

Moe also confirmed that health and sexual education curriculum will be available for parents to view and decide if they are comfortable with their child participating in it.

“The curriculum is going to be communicated ultimately to parents,” Moe said.

“Certainly, as we move forward, it is the expectation that the teacher is going to be teaching that curriculum to our children and communicating it to the parents,” he added.

Despite being attacked by mainstream media for protecting children and parents, the new regulations are overwhelmingly supported by the people of Saskatchewan.

A recent poll revealed strong support in Saskatchewan and across Canada for including parents in education and their children’s decisions, with 86 percent of Saskatchewan supporting some level of notification for parents if children want to go by different pronouns in the classroom.

Furthermore, a Saskatchewan teacher told LifeSiteNews that she supports the decision to keep parents informed.

“I fear that we are not supporting students or parents when we keep secrets,” she explained. “We have many students using alternate names, which sometimes changes frequently during the year, and then are asked by parents if we were aware of the changes after the fact. I feel responsible for keeping the secret and I don’t think it’s fair. I think schools are already taking on too many ‘parent roles’ and it’s important that parents play the ‘parent role’ not teachers!”

Duncan’s defense of parental rights comes just months after New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs was condemned by the LGBT mob for reviewing the province’s Gender Identity policy, which allowed schools to hide students’ “transgender” status from parents.

In early August, pro-LGBT politicians tried unsuccessfully to remove Higgs from office, but Progressive Conservative party members revealed that Higgs has the support of the “silent majority” in his decision to protect children and parents.

Recently, western provinces seem to be increasingly defending children and parents against the LGBT mob. Last week, Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson promised that, if re-elected this fall, she too will enhance parental rights by mandating that schools inform parents if their child wants to identify as a different “gender.”

While LGBT activists have gone after the likes of Higgs and Moe for their slight pushback against gender ideology, a recent Leger poll has shown that Canadians in general are in favor of supporting parental rights in education, especially in regard to what material is being shared with children.

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.