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REGINA, Saskatchewan (LifeSiteNews) – Scott Moe, the Premier of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, admitted that vaccine passports were used to “increase” jab rates but that they have now run their “course.”

“[The proof of vaccination requirement] has really for the most part run its course,” Moe said Wednesday while speaking on Regina radio talk show AM 980 CJME.

Moe then said that vaccine passports, which have been in place in Saskatchewan since the fall of last year, “increased our vaccination rates tremendously.”

“But I think we’re getting to a point now where those that are not vaccinated likely aren’t going to get vaccinated and it’s time for us as a government to manage COVID as we move forward, and it’s time for us as a society to understand that we are going to be living with COVID for some period of time now.”

Moe said that his government is looking to remove as soon as possible restrictions around youth sports, with the goal being to “remove all restrictions when we’re able.”

“Lockdowns, restrictions, they simply don’t work,” said Moe.

Yesterday, Moe announced that starting Friday, anyone in Saskatchewan who tests positive for COVID, regardless of vaccination status, will only have to self-isolate for five days.

Before this, the vaccine-free were ordered to isolate for 10 days.

This Monday, Moe said the “psychological” and economic damage caused by lockdowns are the main reasons why he has chosen to not implement more restrictions in his province.

Despite Moe’s latest admission that vaccine passports have run their “course” and that COVID lockdowns cause harm, only a few short months ago Moe said his government was being “too patient” with those who were not jabbed.

In the past, Moe has come out strongly against those who have chosen to not get the jabs and, like all Canadian Premiers, has pushed the shots as being the only solution to the COVID crisis, despite clear evidence to the contrary that they simply don’t work as advertised.

As LifeSiteNews has documented, Moe has flip-flopped, first blaming the vaccine-free, and then saying they needed to be treated with respect.

According to a growing body of data, vaccine mandates and passports are a failed strategy for tackling COVID.

Many consider such mandates a gross assault on individual freedoms that’s unnecessary given COVID-19’s high survivability among most groups, its now-understood minimal risk of asymptomatic spread, and research indicating that post-infection natural immunity is far superior to vaccine-induced immunity. The effectiveness of the COVID vaccines dramatically decreases around four months post-vaccination and soon completely disappears.

The COVID-19 injections approved for emergency use in Canada have been associated with severe side effects such as blood clots, rashes, miscarriages, and even heart attacks in young, healthy men.

They also have connections to cell lines derived from aborted babies. As a result of this, many Catholics and other Christians refuse to take them.

Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer of mRNA vaccine technology has said that “gene therapy” is an accurate term for COVID jabs. Similarly, Stefan Oelrich, president of the giant Bayer company’s Pharmaceutical Division, said that the novel mRNA COVID “vaccines” are actually “cell and gene therapy” that would have otherwise been rejected by the public if not for a “pandemic” and favorable marketing. Prominent French scientist Professor Christian Perronne, with extensive expertise in infectious diseases, also concurs and stated that “the products they call ‘vaccines’ for Covid-19 are not really vaccines” and are better described as “genetic modifiers.”

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