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ZURICH (LifeSiteNews) – A video released a few days prior to the March for Life in Zurich, Switzerland, shows a group of satanists “consecrating” to satan the public square in Zurich where the march took place on September 17, 2022. 

The video shows several people standing in a circle around a fireplace in the marketplace of Zurich’s district Oerlikon. They are dressed in black robes and wearing disturbing masks while holding torches in their hands. A narrator speaks in a distorted voice, explaining how they consecrated the square in order to scare the pro-life activists:Therefore, in a very elaborate ceremony that extended over several nights, we consecrated the marketplace in Oerlikon to satan together with satanic high priests from all over Europe.”

The creator of the satanic video remains anonymous. However, the video was shared on social media by members of “die Autonome,” a left-wing extremist group similar to Antifa. 

When asked about the video, Beatrice Gall, media spokesperson for the Swiss March for Life, said she was aware of the video but she does not watch “such destructive things.” She said that pro-lifers would pray for the square on the day of the march and not let themselves be influenced by such incidents. 

In the past, there have been several disturbances at the March for Life in Zurich because left-wing extremist counter-demonstrators tried to disrupt the event. This was the case in 2019, for example, when the March for Life marched through Zurich’s streets again for the first time after a four-year break. At that time, the situation escalated as rioters burned containers and counter-demonstrators tried to block the road of the marching route. Police officers were injured, and tear gas was even used next to a playground. 

At this year’s March for Life in Zurich, around 1,000 pro-life activists took to the streets, and several left-wing extremists were detained, according to reports. In addition, two female pro-abortion activists snuck onto the stage at the end of the march and started screaming “our bodies, our choice, our streets” and kissed one another in a bizarre show of protest against the March. 

The abortion debate this year in Switzerland revolved around two initiatives brought forward by an alliance of members from different political parties seeking to tighten existing abortion laws. The first is the so-called “sleep on it once” initiative stipulating that at least 24 hours must elapse between a consultation and an abortion. The second initiative calls for abortions to be banned in virtually all cases as soon as the child is viable outside the womb 

Switzerland currently has relatively liberal abortion laws compared to other European countries. Abortion is always legal up to the 12th week of pregnancy and after that, abortion still goes unpunished if a doctor examines the mother and finds that abortion can “avert the risk of serious physical harm or severe emotional distress to the pregnant woman. In addition, the costs of an abortion must be paid by health insurance companies.