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BOISE, Idaho (LifeSiteNews) — Self-professed satanists are once again aligning themselves with mainstream left-wing political opinions, this time planning to host a “gender affirmation ritual” to promote the chemical castration and physical mutilation of children. Satanism has become increasingly prominent in public life, with members actively advocating for abortion, transgenderism, and other leftist social priorities.

The news comes after Idaho Republican state Rep. Bruce Skaug introduced the “Vulnerable Child Protection Act” last week. 

The measure would make it a felony to provide puberty blocking drugs or perform “gender-affirming” surgeries for minors, with violators facing as many as 10 years in prison, Fox News Digital reported. Legislatures in more than half of all U.S. states have introduced legislation to ban pharmaceutical and surgical gender interventions for minors, according to the report.

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While the move to protect children from transgender ideology has gained popularity, particularly among Christians, not all so-called “religious” organizations are on board.

According to an advertisement promoting the satanic “gender affirmation ritual,” entitled “Hail Yourself,” the Idaho branch of the national satanic organization said its members don’t just “accept LGBTQIA+ identities, they also “celebrate and affirm them.” 

The ceremony, which The Satanic Temple (TST) calls “[o]ne of the core affirmation rituals… to perform as part of” satanic “religious practice,” will be held at the second floor rotunda of the Boise, Idaho Capitol building on Monday, February 13 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. 

“For this event, we would like to offer gender affirmation rituals in the state Capitol for Idahoans to remind them that not everyone uses religion to condemn, but to accept,” the advertisement states.

According to Fox, people who perform the ritual “count their breathing in three counts of six” and recite an incantation affirming themselves as their own “Master.” 

“I praise myself. I know myself. I love myself,” participants will say, according to the “gender affirmation ritual” document made available online by TST.

The document states that the “ritual is designed to empower any Satanist taking necessary steps to affirm their gender & to assuage any negativity being received for taking these steps.”

“The Gender Affirming Ritual serves to affirm the individual’s identity & alleviate the effects of social stigma & persecution so they may live according to their own will & Satanic principles,” the document says.

TST has frequently made headlines for explicitly attempting to undercut Christianity in the public square by engaging in controversial and blasphemous activities. The group has also openly advocated for specific political agenda items.

In addition to promoting the LGBT agenda through satanic ceremonies, for instance, the satanic group has also claimed abortion as one of its religious “rituals.” 

LifeSiteNews previously reported that the organization plans to open an abortion “clinic” in New Mexico which will be derisively named after U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s mother.

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The group claims that abortion should be protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution because the killing of unborn infants is a satanic “ritual” that forms “an essential part” of its “religious practice.”

Erin Helian, executive director of campaigns for TST, said the group “is proud to expand reproductive options for our members,” adding that the derisively named “clinic” in New Mexico “is just the beginning.”

Meanwhile, conservatives have argued that a seven-foot bronze statue homage to pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that was recently erected in New York City was a clear representation of the satanic nature of abortion.

The statue, which depicts a nude woman with twisted cables for limbs and goat horns instead of hair, is meant to express “the indefatigable spirit of the women who have been collectively fighting for their right to their own bodies over generations,” according to its creator.

Texas Right to Life noted last week that the controversial exhibit would remain in the Empire State through June 4. It will then be transported to Houston, Texas in October.

Meanwhile on Sunday, during a Pfizer-sponsored Grammy performance, “non-binary” singer Sam Smith put on a satanic-themed performance of his song “Unholy.”

Smith previously sparked controversy for his highly-sexualized song “I’m Not Here to Make Friends” and its accompanying music video.