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 Pro-Life Action League

(LifeSiteNews) — Pro-lifers across the nation are joining in a beautiful Christmas custom with the remarkable power to literally save babies’ lives: caroling outside abortion mills, where the sound of music can, and has already changed the hearts of abortion-minded mothers.

The Pro-Life Action League’s annual “Peace in the Womb” Christmas Caroling campaign is taking place at over 80 abortion facilities this year, continuing a 20-year tradition that has saved “dozens” of lives.

“In our first year singing carols, a woman walked out of American Women’s Medical Center in Chicago to tell us that hearing ‘Silent Night’ prompted her to cancel her abortion,” Pro-Life Action League executive director Eric Scheidler told LifeNews. “In the years since, we’ve seen that story play out at abortion facilities all over the country.”

Stories of unborn lives saved by Christmas carols and prayer are echoed by other pro-life groups, including Pro-Life Action Ministries, which similarly holds “Caroling for Life” song and prayer sessions outside abortion mills from Minnesota to Florida, and has helped start the tradition in other states.

Michele Herzog, director of the group’s Central Florida branch, told LifeSiteNews that Caroling for Life began independently in the early 2000’s when she was ministering at the notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller’s abortion facility. During the first night of praying and caroling, Herzog said, “We were able to minister to quite a few women.”

“There were some who had actually changed their minds. So, we thought, we’ve got to do this every year.”

Like Scheidler, Herzog is seeing women repeatedly being moved to save the lives of their children upon hearing the sound of Christmas carols.

She shared with LifeSiteNews the powerful story of a woman in central Florida who had been moved a couple of years ago to save the life of her baby as Herzog and her fellow pro-lifers sang Christmas carols outside an Orlando abortion facility.

“We would see her looking through the windows at us,” said Herzog, who told how the woman would come out of the abortion mill and listen to them sing.

At one point, “She came out, and she stood on the porch looking at us, weeping and weeping. She went back in and then she finally came back out, walked right down to us, and she fell into my arms and started weeping,” Herzog recounted.

She went on, “A good number of us gathered around her and held onto her, and she wept, and wept and wept. She looked up at us and said, ‘I can’t do this. Thank you so much for being here.’”

Herzog told another remarkable story from the first year they began caroling in central Florida. An Indian mother came in for an abortion as Herzog’s group sang and ministered to her spouse and other child, a little boy.

“Inside, the mother, who was not a Christian, heard these Christmas carols and God reached down to her heart just through these songs that really didn’t have a meaning to her because she wasn’t a Christian,” Herzog said.

“She couldn’t go through [the abortion]. She came out of the abortuary and went to sidewalk counselors and began to start crying. Long story short, they chose life for that baby.”

Herzog added that not only was their baby’s life saved, but “the Gospel was shared with them” and they said they decided to become Christians that day.

The pro-life activist indicated that the women who confess they’ve decided to keep their babies appear to be just a fraction of all those who have been moved by the pro-lifers’ song and prayers, or mere presence.

“On a continual basis, we have women that pull in and just say, ‘I want to let you know that 10 years ago or five years ago or a year ago I came to have an abortion, but I kept on driving because I saw you there,’” Herzog shared.So I’m confident in my heart that many women saw us out there and just continued to drive by.”

Herzog made clear that they always arrange for permits or notify the police before arriving at the abortion mills.

“All we’re doing is praying and singing carols. The Bible is clear: the praises of His people scatter the enemy,” Herzog said.

“These girls, if they hear these songs, especially if they went to church when they were younger, if they once were following Jesus and they walked away, these Christmas carols especially can prick their hearts and prick their conscience,” she continued.

Herzog acknowledged, too, that music is universally a “powerful, powerful tool,” such that carols can touch the hearts of non-Christian women as well, such as the Indian mother they ministered to during their first year of caroling.

Herzog encourages pro-lifers to learn more about upcoming this weekend’s upcoming Caroling for Life session by calling Pro-Life Action Ministries at 651-771-1500 for their Minnesota office or 407-230-2557 for their Florida office.

The Pro-Life Action League has upcoming caroling events in Madison at Wisconsin’s Planned Parenthood on December 22 at 1 p.m.; at La Crosse, Wisconsin’s Planned Parenthood on December 23 at 3 p.m.; at Merrillville, Indiana’s Planned Parenthood on December 23, at 10 a.m.; at Allentown, Pennsylvania’s Planned Parenthood at 10:30 a.m.; and at Charlottesville, Virginia’s Planned Parenthood on December 23 at 9 a.m.