By John Jalsevac

WATERLOO, ON, February 7, 2008 ( – The mounting evidence that the Waterloo Catholic School Board is not only soft when it comes to matters of Catholic sexual morality, but actively promotes gravely immoral behavior, has been recently compounded by a discovery that the Board’s Family Life Advisory Committee (FLAC) approved for annual use a specifically anti-Catholic brochure.

According to FLAC minutes, at an April 2006 meeting, FLAC approved for annual use, a brochure entitled “Hiding Its Face”, which gives information about the “National Day Against Homophobia” that takes place on May 17th every year.

The minutes say that the brochure was “approved for staff to use each year under the guidance of the school principal.”

The problem for FLAC and the Waterloo School Board, however, is that the brochure specifically names the Catholic Church, and accuses the Church of placing “great value on homophobia” and of being “anti-gay.”

“Some religions place great value on homophobia in the name of certain beliefs,” reads the “Hiding Its Face” brochure. “For example, just think of the Catholic Church, which openly preaches against homosexuality yet by referring to its beliefs, will not admit being anti-gay. It would be impossible for any other minority group to tolerate the same situation.”

This anti-Catholic invective is found in a brochure that elsewhere contradicts Catholic teaching by promoting a day, the purpose of which “is to raise people’s awareness of homophobia’s harmful effects, to provide a positive image of homosexuality and sexual diversity, and to combat exclusion.”

“This passage is deeply problematic,” says Jack Fonseca, the Communications Director for Defend Traditional Marriage & Family, who has been involved in an ongoing battle with the Waterloo School Board over similar issues. The Waterloo board has an extensive history of contradicting or undermining Catholic moral teaching, especially in matters of sexual morality. In the past Defend Traditional Marriage and Family revealed that the board had approved a number of pro-homosexual tracts, and was working in conjunction with pro-homosexual groups.

This newest discovery, however, says Fonseca, is the only second time that they know of that the board has approved explicitly anti-Catholic materials. The Waterloo board previously made headlines after approving for its schools the “Golden Compass” books, the author of which has made explicitly clear that his intention in the books is to undermine Christianity and Catholicism, and to indoctrinate children with atheistic beliefs at an early age.

“It is clear that ‘provide a positive image of homosexuality and sexual diversity’ actually means, ‘gain approval of homosexual activity’,” Fonseca says about the passage from the brochure quoted above. “This statement directly contradicts Catechism section 2357 which teaches ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered …Under no circumstances can they be approved’. How can Catholics have a ‘positive image’ of a behaviour which the Church teaches is objectively sinful, i.e. homosexual acts?”

Fonseca wrote Roger Lawler, the Waterloo Director of Education last November, pointing out FLAC’s approval of the anti-Catholic brochure, requesting that the school board take action against the brochure’s approval. After a follow-up letter, sent in late January, Fonseca received a response from Lawler, indicating that the issue was “closed.”

“With regard to your concern about a brochure called the National Day Against Homophobia ‘Hiding Its Face,’” wrote Lawler, “please note that we did respond indicating that we would take your concern under advisement.  ‘Under advisement’ means an issue will be looked into and acted upon, if necessary.  There is no evidence that the brochure you referenced was ever distributed in the school system.  The matter is therefore closed.”

Fonseca, however, says that Lawler’s response fails to address the heart of the matter, pointing out that Lawler never offered evidence that the brochure hadn’t been distributed. It seems strange, said Fonseca, for a board to approve a brochure, and then to not use it.

Furthermore, he told LifeSiteNews, “[The letter] does not say that the [Hiding Its Face] campaign has been banned, which we asked.  It’s an anti-Catholic campaign.  It revealed their prejudices against the Catholic Church.  And clearly no Catholic school system should be involved with this organization. That’s not been put to rest. That question’s not been answered.”

Fonseca said that Lawler’s response is surprisingly apathetic, given the seriousness of the charges. “I think that Catholics have a right to know that the people making decisions on curriculum, on programs, on advisers, and books are doing so with the intent of adhering to Catholic moral doctrine, and passing on authentic Catholic faith to their children.  That question has been dodged.”

A telephone call and message left on Lawler’s voice mail was not returned by press time.

Besides the already cited offenses, the “Hiding Its Face” brochure also sends students to a website that depicts, very prominently on the home page, both a male and female homosexual couple engaged in passionate kissing. (

To respectfully voice concerns:

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Auxiliary Bishop Gerard Bergie
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