KIGALI, Rwanda, Sept 1 ( – A noted Catholic Marian theologian has disputed the charges of
genocide and murder leveled against a Rwandan Catholic bishop by the Rwandan president. In an interview with FIDES news service, reported on today by Catholic World News, world renowned French theologian Father Rene Laurentin, who had contact with Bishop Augustin Misago of Ginkongoro, condemned the accusations brought against the bishops. Laurentin described the trial as “a campaign against the Catholic Church, to make her appear as the cause of an evil which she sought in every possible way to prevent and to stop.”

Since April of 1996, after the revelations of Canadian General Romeo Dallaire, the UN commanding officer in Rwanda during the crisis, there have been rumours suggesting United Nations complicity in the Rwandan genocide. Based on Dallaire’s initial revelations, inquiries into the horrific massacre of over 800,000 Rwandans by France and Belgium indicated UN complicity. The international organization refused to authorize a strategy suggested by Dallaire that had a high likelihood of success at preventing a genocide of at least half a
million Tutsis.

The UN interfered in inquiries into the Rwandan genocide and also in trials by the International Criminal Tribunal restricting the testimony of Dallaire so as to hide UN complicity. During the Belgian parliamentary inquiry, Secretary General Kofi Annan refused to allow Dallaire to testify before the Belgian parliamentary investigation team. In May of last year, during the trial of former village Mayor Jean-Paul Akayesu, Dallaire was ordered by Annan to remain silent about the UN’s refusal to go ahead with plans to halt the massacre. Akayesu was found guilty of genocide by the International Criminal Tribunal but protested through his lawyer that Dallaire’s testimony, which was restricted, was “of capital importance to his case.”

The current attempt to blame the Catholic Church for the Rwandan genocide coincides with a swelling movement to oust the Vatican from the United Nations. This movement was originally launched by an anti-Catholic group surreptitiously calling themselves “Catholics for a Free Choice” which has been granted NGO status by the UN. The Vatican is the UN’s prime antagonist in regards to the UN depopulation agenda.

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