Schiavo’s Feeding Tube May Be Removed Feb 22

CLEARWATER, Florida, February 10, 2005 ( – The life of brain-disabled Terri Schiavo may be nearing its end if the wishes of her estranged husband are fulfilled by the courts. That could happen as soon as February 22, the date of a final hearing to decides if Michael Schiavo will be permitted to remove her feeding tube, thereby starving and dehydrating her to death. 

Terri Schaivo’s parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, suffered another loss in their bid to keep their daughter alive last week, when the state 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled against them. The 2nd DCA is expected to issue its final order February 22. 

Meanwhile, a coalition of Christian organizations has announced a nationwide campaign to save the life of Terri Schiavo should her feeding and hydration tube be removed.  Groups will encourage all those who cherish the culture of life to come to Florida and stand in solidarity with Terri and her family should the courts order food and water withheld from her. 

Organizers hope scores will come from around the nation to pray, lobby and peacefully intervene on Terri’s behalf.  Also, the physician who served as Terri’s guardian briefly after her feeding tube was ordered to be re-inserted by the Florida Legislature, has called for an independent inquiry to determine if Terri is indeed in a vegetative state, or if there is hope for her recovery. 

Jay Wolfson, a University of South Florida professor, physician and lawyer, said, “If we were serious about addressing this, we would say, ‘What are the interests of the parties and how can we use science, medicine and good law to take away from the clouding factors in this case?’” According to an AP report. Wolfson believes Terri is in a persistent vegetative state with no hope for recovery. 

“Her eyes are not shut, she’s breathing on her own and she makes noises,” Wolfson said. “You want so much to say, ‘Terri, give me a sign!’ It’s not a cucumber lying in a bed.” 

But the Schindlers are wary of physicians like Wolfson who are eager to rule Terri as brain-dead, a prerequisite for summary execution. 

The Schindler’s lawyer, Barbara Weller, said “The problem is finding truly neutral doctors.” 

The Schindler’s maintain that Michael Schiavo, who has lived for several years with another woman with whom he has two children, is eager to dispense with Terri, to inherit the remainder of a one million dollar insurance settlement originally given to pay for her ongoing care. 


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