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LINCOLN, Nebraska (LifeSiteNews) – The resolutely pro-life Bishop Athanasius Schneider, well known for his prominent defense of Catholic Tradition, is visiting Lincoln, Nebraska to lead a pro-life retreat and holy hour in reparation for the use of aborted babies in medical research and in the development of medicines and consumer products.

Tuesday October 19, will see the auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazahkstan, lead a day of prayer in Nebraska, sponsored by the pro-life “One Heart One Mind” initiative.

full day retreat will be held at the Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House in Waverly, with local pro-life group One Heart One Mind which was formed in response to Bishop Schneider’s call for a “new pro-life movement.”  

Speaking in February this year, the outspoken prelate noted the need for a “new period of all pro-life movements to protest, clearly and unambiguously, against abortion-tainted medicines, against the abuse of the body parts of the unborn.” 

Schneider’s call to action came in the wake of revelations about how researchers procure cell lines used in the development of numerous vaccines — including a number of COVID vaccines — from babies who were aborted alive in order to have usable tissue. 

One Heart One Mind responded to the bishop’s desire for a new pro-life movement, by declaring that they hold by the following principles: 

  • “We cannot ignore the gravity and horror of abortion as a crime against the unborn and humanity. 
  • We need to defend and proclaim the sanctity of life boldly and fight the use of aborted human fetuses in medical and other research. 
  • A renewed prayerful, passive, non-violent resistance to the culture of death is needed today. 
  • No one should be forced, coerced or pressured to take abortion-tainted vaccines or medications.” 

The group’s mission is thus: “To Pray. To Educate. To Act. We seek to support and equip ourselves and other believers to respond to God’s call to faithfully witness against the culture of death and to proclaim the sanctity of life.” 

The in-person retreat is currently full, but free live streaming is available by registering at 

“Like his fourth-century patron, St. Athanasius, Bishop Schneider fearlessly speaks,” said Father Gary Coulter, director of Our Lady of Good Counsel retreat house. “Whether defending the unborn or fighting for religious liberty, he preaches the word ‘in season and out of season’.” 

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PETITION: Urge the Catholic Church to demand ethical COVID vaccines for Catholics (and, everyone else)!
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Please SIGN this critical petition which urges the Catholic Church to demand that Big Pharma develop, produce and distribute ethical (non-abortion tainted) COVID vaccines for Catholics...and, anyone else who feels morally obliged to refuse abortion-tainted vaccines!

Over the past 10 months, the Catholic Church's teaching office (the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - CDF) has quietly directed the Catholic faithful to protest against the use of aborted babies in the production or testing of available COVID vaccines in the West -- all of which use aborted fetal cell lines in either their development or testing phase.

Sadly, this direction has been so quiet that almost no-one knows about it.

At the same time, however, the Pope (see below), along with many other senior prelates, has been loudly promoting the uptake of these same unethically-produced vaccines amongst the Catholic faithful with only a whisper of protest.

It's clear that there is a major disconnect in the Church between word and action on this major moral issue.

But, instead of being a follower, the Church should be a leader in this area -- demanding the development of ethical vaccines (and, other ethically-developed products) for Catholics.**

In fact, there are already Catholic scientists, like Dr. Alan Moy, who are working with adult stem cells to help achieve ethical alternatives, but they have received "very little interest" from the Church, to-date.

And, to be fair, some individual bishops, like Archbishop J. Michael Miller of Vancouver, Canada, have vocally supported non-abortion tainted vaccines, with Archbishop Miller going so far as to donate towards ethical research.

But, it's time to try again and ask Church leaders in the Vatican and its US counterpart, the USCCB (the Catholic bishops' conference in the United States), to be fully consistent in word and deed on the issue of aborted fetal cell lines used to produce vaccines.

Jews have kosher foods and Muslims have halal foods. And, people from both traditions demand such foods - and, their demands are respected. As an example, please click and scroll down here to see all of the halal certificates which McDonald's needs to operate in Saudi Arabia.

So, certainly the Catholic Church could and should loudly demand that pharmaceutical companies develop and produce ethical vaccines for Catholics.

Indeed, the Church could and should ask the faithful to loudly demand ethical vaccines from Big Pharma (by providing phone numbers and email addresses, for example). And, or, the Church could and should commit to sponsoring the development of pro-life pharmaceuticals.

It should be noted here that the Catholic Church teaches that there is NO moral obligation, whatsoever, to accept a vaccine.

But, regrettably, for those who wish to take an ethically-produced COVID vaccine, even the Church's direction is hard to understand, precisely because it is contradictory.

On the one hand, the CDF says that acceptance of an abortion-tainted vaccine constitutes passive/remote material cooperation in the evil of abortion.

On the other hand the CDF also says that the acceptance of abortion-tainted vaccine is morally permissible when no ethically developed and tested vaccine is available.

At the same, however, the CDF paradoxically says that those who accept an unethical vaccine have the moral obligation to protest against it.

But then...there's the recent video of Pope Francis and other senior bishops, Archbishops and Cardinals promoting the COVID vaccines, without protesting against their gravely immoral development and testing, nor calling on Big Pharma to produce an ethical alternative.

So, where the current slate of COVID vaccines is concerned, the Church is apparently saying that you can cooperate with evil if some good may result...if you have no ethical alternative...but, you have to protest the evil...while participating in it.

And, well, the very people who are telling us to protest the unethical vaccines are, themselves, actually promoting them as, "an act of love."

That's confusing!

This kind of contradiction - saying one thing and doing another - is unacceptable because it assumes as normal the situation where only unethical vaccines are available for Catholics.

We are asking the Church to stop this seeming servility towards Big Pharma, and start a loud and active campaign promoting the development and production of ethical vaccines.

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition urging Pope Francis and other Vatican authorities, as well as USCCB authorities, to loudly demand that Big Pharma develop and produce ethical vaccines for Catholics, untainted by abortion.

Thank you!


'‘Wholly unethical’: US ‘personhood’ org condemns COVID vaccines derived from aborted babies' -

'In ‘rupture’ with Church’s ‘absolute opposition’ to abortion, Vatican hosting pro-aborts at pro-COVID jab conference' -

'‘I will never comply with evil’: Pro-lifer Abby Johnson on abortion-tainted vaccines' -

'Canadian archbishop donates to ethical coronavirus vaccine research' -

**Actually, to be fully consistent with the Church's teaching on this issue, the Catholic Church should demand that Catholics be offered an "ethical" choice for every major product, from food to cosmetics, from to clothing to medicine, and beyond.

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“His insights into the challenges facing Christ’s flock today provide clarity and hope for Catholics,” added Fr. Coulter. 

Bishop Schneider is also set to preach a holy hour that same day, starting at 7 p.m. in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center in Lincoln, part of the regular holy hour run by One Heart One Mind. The holy hour will also be live-streamed for online watching. 

This is to be followed by a reception and opportunity to meet the bishop, and copies of his book “Christus Vincit,” will be available for sale. 

“The voice of the unborn children’s blood is crying to God from the abortion-tainted vaccines, from the abortion-tainted medicines,” Bishop Schneider has previously said when speaking of the current COVID injections. “This voice is crying all over the world, and we have to awaken.” 

“No one who is really deeply concerned about the defense of life and the moral law can be silent or can be quiet and can resign to this situation.” 

“So, we have to protest against this and start a new movement in pharmaceutics, in medicine, with no connection, not the remotest, to these crimes,” the Bishop added in making his call for a new pro-life movement. 

Bishop Schneider added that Christians in this new movement should be willing to face “prison” and even “death” rather than receive health benefits derived from the murder of unborn babies.