WASHINGTON, November 7, 2001 ( – A high school in Malone New York which suspended a student for wearing a pro-life shirt has been forced to apologize and allow the shirt in the school. A female student was wearing one of Rock For Life’s ‘abortion is homicide’ shirts and was told by school administrators to either wear a different shirt or go home. She went home.

The school district claimed the message on the shirt was “offensive” and a form of religious proselytizing. But the district backed down after an attorney from the Thomas More Law Center explained the Constitution and cited other cases where the right to wear pro-life shirts was upheld. The district then apologized in writing to the student and her father, and acknowledged that she would indeed be able to wear the “abortion is homicide” shirt to class.

Rock For Life director Bryan Kemper commented, “The back of our shirt says, ‘you will not silence my message.’ And we mean it. We are serious about stopping the holocaust against our brothers and sisters. This is not just a cool shirt. This is a matter of life and death to our generation.”

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