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PRIOR LAKE, Minnesota (LifeSiteNews) – Slamming the “mandates, regulations, and policies” imposed on children because of the coronavirus, a Minnesota school nurse announced her resignation at a Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools board meeting on August 9. Her announcement was met with applause and cheers by those in attendance.

“I’m here tonight to give you my resignation,” said Shannon Davis of Prior Lake, the now-former nurse of Five Hawks Elementary School. “I have tried really hard to support the children during this past year, but the mandates, regulations, and policies that were put on the children [go] against my beliefs, morals, and oath as a mother and a nurse.”

“Last year did nothing to help the physical, emotional, mental health, safety, or education of these children. It harmed and hurt them,” Davis continued.

According to Davis, the Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools (PLSAS) policy over the past year mandated children had to be masked for the entire seven-hour school day. This masking policy included recess and gym class.

Furthermore, if children were in a classroom that was “exposed” to COVID-19, the students were forced to quarantine in isolation, and stay out of the school for two weeks. Regardless of if the students showed symptoms of COVID-19, their reentrance to the school was predicated on a negative test.

“The damage that has been done to these children is endless and will take years to fix. Where you see an end to this, I see just the beginning. I tried to voice my views to help the health and wellbeing of these children, and I was told to censor my thoughts, feelings, and education, because it ‘offends’ others,” Davis told the board.

“Well, this year offended me,” she said. “We made [students] feel that they were the problem because of COVID.”

“We have done an injustice to our PLSAS children, and not one person from our administration would stand up for them and say ‘enough is enough.’”

Davis said it pained her to quit but she could “no longer enforce the school district’s policies of mask mandates, quarantines, and isolation of these Prior Lake-Savage children.”

“I will not harm the emotional, mental, or physical health and education of these children any longer,” she said, “and I hope you and the rest of the administration will make the right choice to forgo the same policies we had this past year in this next school year, and let the parents make the choices for the health and safety of their own children. Thank you for your time.”