School Refuses Student Transfers from Transsexual Teacher’s Classroom

Parent: "I have to go home and tell a 14 year old you have to talk to a teacher who's a male in female clothing"
Fri Sep 8, 2006 - 12:15 pm EST

By Gudrun Schultz

BATAVIA, New York, September 8, 2006 ( – A school district in western New York has refused to transfer high school students out of classes being taught by a transsexual teacher, denying a request by parents.

Five parents submitted written requests to the district board, asking that their children be removed from the classroom of a male teacher undergoing sex change medical treatment, reported. The earth sciences teacher has begun dressing as a woman. The teacher has been with the Batavia School District for eight years.

Superintendent Richard Stutzman said the parents’ requests did not meet the district guidelines. Other students were granted transfers based on changes to their program of study.

The Batavia School District held an information meeting for parents August 28. Legal experts presented information on the teacher’s rights and protections to more than 100 parents, reported News 10NBC. A transgender expert and a doctor were also in attendance. Parents received notification of the situation one week before the meeting.

Some parents were dismayed by the news. “I have to go home and tell a 14 year old you have to talk to a teacher who’s a male in female clothing. And if you don’t address her as a she in 2 weeks, it’s harassment because you should be transitioned by now,” Batavia parent Amber Robinson told News 10NBC after the meeting.

The district plans to hold a community-wide meeting on the issue September 12th.

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