SACRAMENTO, CA, April 14, 2008 ( – California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger promised a homosexual group on Friday that he will oppose any ballot measure protecting marriage for a man and a woman.

Asked if he would oppose a ballot initiative limiting gay marriage, Schwarzenegger replied: “First of all I think that it will never happen in California because I think that California people are much further along with that issue, and number two, I’ll always be there to fight against that.”

Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families, a leading West Coast pro-family organization, commented, “Arnold Schwarzenegger is saying one thing and doing another. When he first ran for governor, he said he believed marriage was only for a man and a woman. He promised to veto every bill legalizing same-sex marriage. He even said marriage is up to the courts or the voters to decide. Now he’s flip-flopped and betrayed average voters by pledging to ‘fight against’ protecting marriage licenses for a man and a woman in the California State Constitution. He’s showing everyone that he is integrity-challenged.”

Thomasson added: “Marriage is a beautiful and exclusive relationship between one man and one woman. If you don’t have a man and a woman, you don’t have marriage. In his hypocrisy on this vitally important issue, Governor Schwarzenegger has pandered to homosexual activists and abandoned the majority of Californians, who strongly support man-woman marriage. Finally, as a self-proclaimed Catholic, how does Arnold explain his big disagreement with Jesus on the sanctity of marriage?”