WASHINGTON, May 30 ( – Scientists from around the world converged in Washington today for a one-day conference on global warming science. Climate experts including Dr. Vincent Gray of New Zealand, Dr. Paal Brekke of Norway, Mr. Richard Courtney of the United Kingdom, Dr. Ross McKitrick of Canada and Dr. Wibjorn Karlen of Sweden questioned the assumptions of, and exposed the flaws inherent in, the science underlying much of the current policy debate over global climate change.

Conservative News Service reports that the Cooler Heads Coalition, as the group calls itself, is ready to make its case before Congress and refute the conclusions of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its Third Assessment Report which predict dire consequences based on global warming theory. The scientists explain that the IPCC documents are motivated by political expediency rather than scientific fact.

They criticized the Kyoto treaty as reactionary and warned that it will do more harm than good.  CNS notes that opponents of Kyoto note that it will cost Americans as much as $30K per family in lost income and be responsible for the loss of up to 2 million jobs a year.