GLASGOW, October 12, 2005 ( – With the developed world’s highest teen pregnancy rate, at 8.7% of all pregnancies occurring in girls under 16, Glasgow authorities are admitting defeat, according to one author.

The latest evidence of the failure of the sex education program is a poll commissioned by Glasgow City Council, aimed at 200 schoolchildren aged 13 and older, asking them about their sexual experiences, such as how many sexual partners they have had and whether or not they have had oral sex.

One writer maintained that the fact that the city council is asking the question is an acknowledgement of failure of the sex-ed program – initiated to curb the problem. “Sex education hasn’t worked,” wrote Sunday Herald writer Vicky Allan. “Glasgow’s survey, it seems, is an attempt to find an answer.”

Gregory Carlin, spokesman for The Rights of the Scottish Child organization, told in June that “The dreadful record of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases in Glasgow is largely because of the harmful sexualized environment created by educators and officials.” Glasgow officials have proposed that Scottish parents not be allowed to withdraw their children from sex education classes.

Councilor Jim Coleman, chairman of the council’s community health and safety committee, told the Sunday Times, “Glasgow has got a terrible record on teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases and we are trying to come up with the new policies because the existing one clearly doesn’t work.”

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