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SCOTLAND, November 4, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Scottish pro-abortionists hope to use the union movement to push for unrestricted abortion once authority over abortion law is transferred, or “devolved,” from the British Parliament in London  to “Holyrood,” the Scottish Parliament. The action is expected to occur this year.

Paul Tully, secretary of the Society of Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), told LifeSiteNews, “We have seen the pro-abortion movement infiltrating trade unionism with their policies, but they have no particular relevance to unions. They just want another platform to push for abortion for anyone at any time.”

Abortion activists have put a motion on the agenda of the Scottish Trade Union Congress's Women's Conference in Dundee this week that will demand that Holyrood use the “devolution” of the British abortion law to Scotland to reduce the requirement that two doctors must agree to abortion to just one doctor.

According to the Communications Workers Unions, one of three sponsoring the motion, “it's almost 50 years since the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act[.] … It's time this outdated law where the consent of two doctors is needed in order to proceed is changed to bring it in line with all other medical procedures.”

The motion also complains about the alleged policy of Scottish hospitals, where virtually all the nation's unwanted babies are aborted, of refusing to do most abortions after 18 weeks' gestation, though the Abortion Act itself allows them up to 24 weeks' gestation. According to a recent study, about 120 Scottish women have late-term abortions. They allegedly must travel to England to kill their unborn children, a round trip of at least 800 miles, which the unwilling mothers reportedly find “distressing and stigmatizing.”

But SPUC's Tully told LifeSiteNews that “late term abortions – right up to full term – are being done in Glasgow and Edinburgh hospitals.” Tully said they did not publicize the fact because they wanted to pressure regional hospitals to do their own late-term abortions.

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Some doctors prefer not to do late-term abortions for “aesthetic” reasons and sometimes for moral ones as well. “There is always the risk with late-term of the baby being born live. Then our schizophrenic medical system changes hats and is obliged to do everything it can to sustain the life of the child.”

Rachel McKenzie of the Scottish SPUC told LifeSiteNews, “Devolution provides an opportunity to improve the abortion law” – but also to make matters worse. This could lead to a “vitriolic” display from pro-abortion groups who will push for late-term abortions for any reason (they are now allowed when the child has abnormalities), even the breakup of a relationship.” 

What the abortion advocates in the unions won't admit or discuss, said McKenzie, “was the post-abortion trauma caused to the women, or the impact on grandparents of the child and siblings, of the family illness.” McKenzie said SSPUC would be working hard to advocate for the unborn in a culture that “has been numbed by 50 years of abortion on demand.”

The society's recent informal canvassing of Scottish churches has detected “little interest in pushing for restrictions on abortion,” said McKenzie.

A member of the Nationalist government several weeks ago declared that it plans to add no restrictions on abortion when the British Parliament passes the required devolutionary legislation soon. And a spokeswoman for the government more recently added, “The Scottish government has no plans to change the law on abortion.”