EDINBURGH, Scotland, August 9, 2013 ( – The Court of Session in Edinburgh has fined a Scottish man £40,000 ($62,020 U.S.) in damages after he sent a message on Twitter calling a lesbian same-sex “marriage” advocate “a danger to children.”

Lesbian Jaye Richards-Hill sued David Shuttleton, an antiques dealer from Barrhead, near Glasgow, for defamation because of his remarks about her homosexual activism.


Shuttleton reportedly also sent messages to First Minister Alex Salmond and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon relating his concerns about Richards-Hill, a teacher and adviser to Education Secretary Mike Russell,

Calling people who disagree with his anti-gay campaign “normalphobes,” Shuttleton told the Daily Record, “It’s an absolute scandal that homosexuals have got such power in our community. It’s an absolutely scandalous abuse of our laws.”

While the huge award may set a precedent in cases involving alleged “homophobia” in Scotland, Shuttleton stated that he will challenge the ruling, claiming that the judgment came “by default,” because he failed to file his defense properly.

“It's just a technicality,” Shuttleton said. “I put my defense in the wrong format so I’ve been working on it and it’s finished, but it’s just the case went through in the meantime.”

The Scottish media are labeling Shuttleton a “delusional fool,” “bigot,” “lunatic,” and “Christian fanatic racist homophobe.” But news sources portray Richards-Hill as a “respected parent and teacher” who is a “leading campaigner for marriage rights for gay couples.”

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Richards-Hill reportedly “married” her lesbian sex partner Ruth in South Africa after staging a mock wedding during a same-sex “marriage” demonstration at the Scottish Parliament last year.

She had no comment on the court decision.


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