Scottish Schools to Instruct Children How to Engage in “Safe” Homosexual Sex

By Gudrun Schultz

SCOTLAND, UK, May 23, 2006 ( - Scottish schoolchildren will soon be hearing about how to engage in “safe” homosexual activity, and getting advice on same-sex relationships, from their teachers.

The Scotsman reported Sunday on the coming release of a new set of official guidelines that includes homosexuality in school sex education programs.Â

The new material will include information on male and female condoms for protection against sexually transmitted diseases, advice on the “emotional” side of homosexual relationships, and contact information for homosexual health services and support groups.

Laws preventing the promotion of homosexuality in Scotland’s schools were overturned in 2000, despite strong opposition from the public and Church officials. A referendum conducted by a group opposed to the law change questioned over one million voters. Over 85% were opposed to the change.

Health officials pushed for the inclusion of the new material in the Sexual Health and Relationships Education program, saying the existing guidelines were “heterosexist” and did not reflect the current social climate.

Opponents have issued strong statements against the introduction of the material. A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland said, “Before SHARE is updated, we should be seeing results in terms of a reduction in teenage conceptions, sexually transmitted infections and abortions. All the indications are that these have actually got worse.”

“To quite graphically equip children with information about same-sex relationships is appalling, outrageous and utterly unnecessary. Where was it decreed that every aspect of human sexuality has to be addressed in the school curriculum?”

Dr. Alastair Noble, education officer of Christian Charity Care for Scotland, said, “We would be concerned if SHARE’s material showed any significant departure from the current advice which underlines the need for sex education to emphasise the importance of stable family life and the importance of marriage. There’s a fine line between providing appropriate information and promoting homosexuality in a way that encourages experimentation.”

Shirley Fraser, health improvement programme manager for Health Scotland, admitted the material was originally written in 2000, when the laws preventing homosexual promotion in the schools were first removed, but she said the material might have “been going too far at that point” for some people.

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