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SEATTLE (LifeSiteNews) — Seattle public schools are giving cross-sex hormones and referrals for mutilating surgeries to teenagers, according to a recent report by a conservative parents’ group. 

Last week, Parents Defending Education released an investigative report that exposed the School Based Health Centers within the Seattle Public School system for doling out cross-sex hormones and referrals for so-called “sex change” surgeries to middle and high school students, free of charge. 

The group specifically unveiled information about Nova High School and Meany Middle School, both located in Seattle. Both institutions’ health centers are operated by the Country Doctor Community Health Centers healthcare organization, which boasts that part of its mission is “to promote health in transgender, non-binary and gender diverse [sic] communities through ensuring equal access to gender-affirming [sic] medications and procedures, and training staff to be trauma-informed and culturally responsive.” 

“Our staff work[s] hard to address every patient with correct names and pronouns,” the organization’s website reads, explaining that different staff members “assist patients seeking gender-affirming [sic] surgeries and procedures” and “provides injection teaching and assists accessing hormones and other gender-affirming [sic] medications.” 

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Estrogen, testosterone, and androgen blockers are listed as medications given to gender-confused individuals, including adolescents, along with “specialty referrals for younger patients.”

The site states that “we do not provide puberty blockers at this time.” 

Additionally, the organization gives referrals for surgeries, such as vaginoplasty and chest reconstruction, and “assistance obtaining mental health letters of support” for the irreversible, mutilating procedures.  

The group also advertises birth control as part of its “family planning” services. Nova High School presents a so-called “progress pride flag” on its health center website and lists “gender affirming care” and “reproductive health” as among its services. Meany Middle School includes “gender reaffirming care” and “reproductive care management” as services advertised on its website. Both schools emphasize that the health centers will not only bill insurance companies but will also assist students whose families do not have insurance. 

Parents Defending Education also noted the Seattle Public Schools policy regarding gender-confused students, which allows them certain “rights,” including to use the names and pronouns of their choice, the freedom to use private facilities and participate on sports teams that do not match their sex, the ability to change their listed gender on educational records, and to have no disciplinary action taken against them for wearing clothes of the opposite sex. 

Additionally, the district’s policy states that “staff should not disclose a student’s transgender [sic] or gender X status to others unless (1) legally required to do so or (2) the student has authorized disclosure.” When “contacting the parents/guardians of a transgender [sic] or gender X student and it is unclear whether the student asserts the same gender identity at home,” the district recommends staff “to avoid using gender pronouns.” 

Throughout the year, education and health professionals in Washington state have bowed to the LGBT agenda. In January, the state health department was criticized for saying that “transmasculine persons with a cervix” should get screenings for cervical cancer.

Four months later, Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee signed a law declaring the state to be a “haven” for individuals barred from obtaining abortions and interventions for gender confusion in their own states, inviting them to travel to the Evergreen State to do so. Last month, fifth and sixth graders in the Olympia School District were exposed to material in class that promoted puberty blockers and showed graphic images of male and female genitalia. The unapproved lesson plan came from Planned Parenthood resources. 


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