WASHINGTON, December 3, 2001 ( – Children of God For Life, the Internet's most reliable source for information on vaccines tainted by the use of aborted baby tissue, reports that the second batch of smallpox vaccine ordered November 28 by the United States will not use aborted fetal tissue in its manufacture. Whereas the first batch of the vaccine created by the Acambis Corporation used aborted fetal cell line MRC-5 as the cell substrate for growing the virus, the current batch of 155 million doses will use Vero animal cell lines. Acambis CEO John Brown stated in a conference earlier today, “The main difference is that in contract one, we are using the MRC-5 cell substrate; in contract two we're going to use the Baxter serum three Vero culture cell.”

Debi Vinnedge, of Children of God for Life suggests that the change in vaccine is due to the response of pro-lifers who objected to the use of vaccines tainted with aborted baby tissue. The company said it would continue to use MRC-5 for the first 54 million doses ordered.

Carried on conservative news services in the US and in Canada only on LifeSite and Pro-Life E-News, the awareness of the tainted vaccines was able to generate public reaction which in turn was able to force consideration of an ethical alternative.

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