Second poll Finds that Thompson Still Holds Lead Over Giuliani

By Elizabeth O’Brien

NASHVILLE, Tennessee, July 5, 2007 ( - The pro-life, reportedly soon-to-be official presidential candidate Fred Thompson is holding his lead in the Republican presidential nominations according to a recent poll.

Tuesday’s Rasmussen Reports survey showed that Thompson has 27% support, three points ahead of the runner-up, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has 24%.

The survey also indicated that while Giuliani is more popular among "moderate" voters, Thompson has a 16 percentage point advantage amongst conservatives. This has increased from last week, when Thompson had 13 percentage points over Giuliani, and, as Rasmussen states, "there are always more conservative voters than moderates."

Thompson has crept up in the polls since two weeks ago when he had a "statistically insignificant" lead, with 28% support over Giuliani’s 27%. Two weeks prior to that, they were both tied at 24%.

  Rasmussen also noted that Thompson is viewed as "the most conservative of all GOP candidates".

  According to Newsmax, however, Thompson’s pro-life record is not entirely clear when it comes to the life issues. In a 1994 Eagle Forum survey Thompson said he did not favor criminalizing abortion. Also, in 1996 he apparently filled in a Christian Coalition questionnaire saying he "opposed" a constitutional amendment to protect life (see

  This June, however, before he was officially in the GOP presidential running, Thompson sent a video to the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) in which he clearly stated his commitment to supporting life. In the video, Thompson boasted a 100% voting record on abortion issues and stated that he is opposed to embryonic stem cell research. He also said that partial-birth abortion is more like "infanticide."

  Describing life as "the most important thing of all in this world," he said, "I must say that those issues are even more profound to me as the years go by. Jeri [his wife] and I have truly been blessed" (see

  As the most conservative candidate running, Thompson has consistently voted pro-family and pro-life. He also referred to Roe v. Wade as "bad law and bad medical science," saying,  "I don’t think the court ought to wake up one day and make new social policy for the country. It’s contrary to what it’s been the past 200 years" (see

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