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OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — An office tasked with assisting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knew COVID shots caused serious injuries and to combat the negative side effects of the vaccines said in a secret memo in 2021 “winning communication strategies” must be developed to convince the public to take the jabs.

As per Blacklock’s Reporter, the secret memo from Trudeau’s Privy Council Office noted that COVID jab injuries and even deaths “have the potential to shake public confidence.”

“Adverse effects following immunization, news reports and the government’s response to them have the potential to shake public confidence in the COVID-19 vaccination rollout,” read a part of the memo titled Testing Behaviourally Informed Messaging in Response to Severe Adverse Events Following Immunization.

“Events related to a COVID-19 vaccine may be minor or severe.”

The memo was released through an “Access to Information” request dated May 2021, which is about five months after Health Canada approved the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID shots.

The Canadian federal government and all provincial governments spent millions promoting the COVID shots despite the fact they were novel and approved for “emergency” use only.

Trudeau went as far as to scorn unvaccinated Canadians, saying those opposing his measures, such as banning the jab-free from flying, were of a “small, fringe minority” who hold “unacceptable views” and do not “represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other.”

As for the secret memo, it went on to say that the news reports “of adverse events following immunization and the government’s response to them have strong potential to influence public confidence in vaccines and their safety.”

“The current study proactively tested the impact of various messaging strategies delivered through different messengers in response to a hypothetical adverse effect following immunization,” it read.

The memo stated that the study’s intent was to “prepare the government for response to potential adverse events following immunization,” as well as “to identify winning communication strategies to maximize public confidence in the government’s COVID regulatory regime (and) maximize public confidence in the safety of the Covid vaccine and further drive vaccination intentions.”

Memo revealed Trudeau government was trying to skew COVID jab injury data to public

Furthermore, the memo also suggested fudging the statistics of COVID jab deaths and injuries through wordplay, such as stating the “chance of it happening to me (COVID shot injury) is one in a million” instead of “it has happened five times.”

Other marketing terms the government looked at using were “The chance of a Canadian being injured in a car accident” was higher than a “vaccine injury,” and “As tragic as they are, such health events occur every day whether or not people are vaccinated.”

The messaging went on to note that there is a “delicate balance between ensuring the safety of the vaccine and promoting public awareness while also ensuring public confidence in the safety of the vaccine.”

The first COVID shots were approved for use in December 2020, which was also the same time the Canadian government created the Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP), which gave vaccine makers a shield from liability regarding COVID-19 jab-related injuries.

To date, Canada’s Public Health Agency shows that of the 97.6 million doses of the COVID shot given, there were a total of 20,428 “serious adverse event reports” and 427 deaths.

VISP has paid out a total of $2,779,277 thus far, but many other vaccine-injured individuals are fighting for more compensation.

Recently, 41-year-old Ross Wightman from British Columbia launched a lawsuit against AstraZeneca, the federal government of Canada, the provincial government of his province, and the pharmacy at which he was injected after receiving what he considers inadequate compensation from VISP.

Wightman received the AstraZeneca shot in April 2021 and shortly after became totally paralyzed. He was subsequently diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS).

Canadian mainstream media throughout the COVID crisis barely mentioned the now-known fact that the COVID jabs approved for use in Canada and elsewhere are all linked to possible, and sometimes even fatal, side effects.

A study from the United Kingdom last year showed that AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 injection is linked with a significant increase in GBS between two and four weeks after it is administered.

Most Canadian provinces quietly stopped administering the AstraZeneca vaccine a few months after it was approved for use.

In fact, in March 2021, Canada stopped the distribution of the jab from being given to people under age 55 after numerous reports indicating the product may be linked to blood clots.