MANCHESTER, U.K., August 11, 2011 ( – An anesthetist at a Marie Stopes abortion facility in Manchester has been accused of using the hands of unconscious women to perform sexual acts on himself as they underwent abortions.

Dr. Narendra Sharma is again facing allegations of misconduct at a hearing before the General Medical Council (GMC).  Two staff members at the abortion facility have alleged that they witnessed the incidents.

The Manchester Crown Court in April 2009 acquitted the anesthetist of charges that he abused three other clients in the same way.

‘It is the GMC’s case that Dr Sharma was using the hand of this semi-conscious patient undertaking this procedure for his own sexual stimulation and gratification,” said Tim Smith, the GMC’s lawyer, according to the Daily Mail.

Smith said one worker, Julie Ackroyd, “observed what she described to the police as being a stroking movement which she considered to be inappropriate.”

“At the time, Dr Sharma was standing right up to the table. She could not see what it was that he was doing,” he explained. “It would seem that it went on long enough for alarm bells to ring with her.”

The incident allegedly occurred in the operating room while an abortionist, Ackroyd, and another health worker were present.

Sharma denies the allegations and claims he is a victim of racism, the same defense he offered two years earlier.

John Smeaton, director of the UK-based Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, linked the disgraceful allegations to the “horrific nature” of the usual business at an abortion clinic.

“The appalling abuse of this mother also brings home the horrific nature of the professional task of the perpetrator – that is, killing this mother’s unborn child,” said Smeaton. 

“It’s like a scene from the holocaust, but this is a holocaust taking place right now in the heart of Britain. The agents of this holocaust work for legally recognized charities funded by the British government.”

Smeaton added that research “urgently needs to be commissioned and conducted” into the effects of routine abortions on the behavior of “the health professionals who carry out the killing.”

Rebecca Roughneen of the Irish pro-life group Youth Defence said that the revelations were “disgusting and shocking, but not altogether surprising” given the experience many Irish women had reported with British abortion providers. 

“Our volunteers counsel outside the abortion referral agency Marie Stopes operates in Dublin,” she said. “We’ve heard stories of coercion; of women being told abortion was their only option, and of Marie Stopes staff really selling abortions to vulnerable women.”

The Youth Defence spokeswoman said that abortion clinics worldwide benefited from light regulation because they were politically favoured and that Marie Stopes and other abortion providers were never the subject of media investigations in Ireland or Britain. 

“The bottom line is that these doctors are helping to kill babies. The abortion industry is not going to attract the best and brightest of the profession,” she added.