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 St. Veronica Catholic Church, Eastpointe, MI/Facebook

EASTPOINTE, Michigan (LifeSiteNews) – A nearly naked woman disrupted Mass at a Catholic Church in Michigan on Sunday shouting pro-abortion chants in an obscene, blasphemous protest of the anticipated reversal of Roe v. Wade.

At St. Veronica Catholic Church in Eastpointe, just north of Detroit, the woman stood on a pew, near another older woman holding up a green scarf, as they both chanted the abortion slogans, “Overturn Roe? Hell, no!” and “Abortion without apology!” A third woman with a green scarf joined the protest in the pews as well.

The scantily clad pro-abort was pulled down off the pew by another woman and was escorted out of the church, eventually forcibly removed by two women. Ushers led out the other protestors as well, as they continued to shout pro-abortion chants.

The video was posted to TikTok, and then to Twitter by the account “Refuse Fascism Ohio,” with the caption, “Disrupting ‘business as usual’ at a woman hating Catholic church –  Get to DC #SCOTUS #RiseUp4Abortion #Green4Abortion.

Archdiocese of Detroit spokesman Ned McGrath told Catholic News Agency (CNA) that the church has notified local police about the incident. The legal group Thomas More Society has pointed out that the “obstruction of or interference with a person’s First Amendment right of religious freedom at a place of religious worship is illegal.”

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The slogan “Overturn Roe? Hell, no!” has been adopted all across the United States by pro-abort activists affiliated with the group Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights. The group is calling on people to “wear green and raise hell” to attempt to stop the Supreme Court from overturning Roe v. Wade.

Activists associated with the group recently drew heavy media attention after they disrupted a Sunday talk by televangelist Joel Osteen, stripping down to their underwear and then chanting, “My body, my choice!” and “Overturn Roe, hell no!” Pro-aborts associated with the movement are also unfurling banners at sports stadiums with the latter slogan.

The leaking of the Supreme Court draft opinion on Dobbs v. Jackson, which would overturn Roe v. Wade if upheld, has sparked a slew of pro-abortion protests, as well as incidents of vandalism and arson, over the past few weeks, most notably by the radical pro-abortion group “Jane’s Revenge,” which has accused crisis pregnancy centers of being “exploitative” and serv[ing] the aims of upholding the patriarchal family, a primary site of violence against women, queers, and children.”

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Sunsara Taylor, an “initiator” of, calls herself a “revolutionary” and a follower of Bob Avakian, the founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. She explained in a video posted on the group’s website that she believes abortion is central to whether woman are treated “as full human beings or as incubators, as property of men, as subjugated,” and having “oppressed status.”