Senate Blocks Pro-Tiller Resolution Glorifying Abortion Industry

Tue Jun 23, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 23, 2009 ( - The Senate yesterday blocked a resolution praising the "crucial services" of abortionists and condemning violence against them in the wake of Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller's murder last month. 

The resolution, sponsored by Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), decried violence against "providers of health care services to women" and asserted, "there is a history of violence against providers of reproductive health care, as health care employees have suffered threats and hostility in order to provide crucial services to patients."

The resolution failed to gather adequate support after Shaheen refused requests by some of her colleagues to strike the language celebrating the abortion industry. Shaheen expressed frustration at the resolution's demise.

"I realize that the issue of reproductive choice is divisive and that there are many heartfelt feelings on both sides of the aisle," said Shaheen in a press release. "However, I was hopeful that, regardless of our differences of opinion on this sensitive issue, the Senate could come together and pass a resolution that rejects the use of violence against women's health care providers.

"It is a sad day when the elected leaders of the greatest Democracy on earth can't agree to protect those exercising their constitutional rights."

The U.S. House of Representatives earlier this month unanimously passed a similar resolution condemning the Tiller killing and other murders that took place in a house of worship, without mentioning Tiller's profession. Tiller was killed May 31 at Reformation Lutheran Church, where he was serving as an usher.

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Institute, praised the Senate's rejection of Sheehan's resolution.

"What an encouragement to the pro-life community that while some Senators may vote in favor of abortion, they stand strongly against any effort to glorify it," said Perkins. 

"Like us, they realize that just as violence cannot be tolerated, neither can any effort to exalt those who practice it against the unborn."

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