CHICAGO, November 9, 2001 ( – On November 6, Republican hopeful for the U.S. Senate seat in Illinois, James Oberweis, called Catholic League president William Donohue to discuss his remark that equated pro-life lawmakers with the Taliban. The comment that got him in trouble was, “I think the Taliban is the best example that we’ve ever had about what is wrong with my trying to impose my religious views on you.”

Donohue explained the purpose and the outcome of the phone call saying: “I am delighted that James Oberweis called me to discuss his regrettable remark. Oberweis convinced me that a) he is sorry he made this comment b) it was not his intention to malign pro-life lawmakers and c) he will never make such a remark again. That’s enough to satisfy me and, I trust, should be enough to satisfy everyone else. Oberweis was cordial, sincere and honest. Those are qualities that can carry him a long way.”

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