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TORONTO, July 14, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Seneca College recently announced that all students and staff will be required to take the COVID-19 vaccine by this fall, making Seneca the first postsecondary institution in Canada to mandate the experimental vaccine.  

True North reported that Seneca president David Agnew released a statement explaining the Toronto area college’s move to mandate vaccinations.  

“Seneca will be making vaccinations a condition for students and employees to come on campus for the fall term, starting Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021,” he said.  

Agnew claimed that the college will not force anyone to be vaccinated, maintaining that the college will “respect medical exemptions upon presentation of appropriate documentation.”  

However, this does not seem to include individuals who do not have a medical exemption but are unwilling to take the vaccine because of its adverse effects.  

He did not explain why young adults should receive the experimental vaccine when the recovery rate for COVID-19 is between 97 percent and 99.75 percent. The COVID-19 vaccines have not been approved as safe or effective by the FDA, are still experimental, and only meant for emergency use.  

Seneca College Student Federation president Ritik Sharma claims that students support the new policy. “They are very much liking this policy,” she told the National Post. 

Other Ontario universities, including Ryerson, Ontario Tech, and Western University, will require the vaccine for students who wish to live in residence but not physically present on campus in general.  

In Manitoba, universities have assured students and staff that they will not mandate the vaccine. “We can’t demand anybody to get the vaccine. That’s not within our power or the province’s power,” Brandon University president David Docherty told CBC News. 

Recently, an American high-school student developed a heart condition after his school forced him to take the inoculation to play soccer.  

While Alberta premier Jason Kenney has joined Ontario premier Doug Ford in rejecting the idea of vaccine passports, some organizations, including the Toronto Region Board of Trade, are pushing for a vaccine passport system.  

Quebec recently threatened to enforce vaccine passports for access to non-essential businesses, which may include churches, if there is a further outbreak of COVID-19.