VANCOUVER, Feb 3 ( – Jim Demers, a BC pro-life activist who has spent between $20,000 and $30,000 fighting the “bubble-zone” law in BC encountered a setback last week as the judge hearing the case removed herself from the hearings. Demers’ lawyer Paul Formby, however, sees the move as a public recognition of the serious implications of the case to abortion-related law in the country.

After hearing three days of pro-life testimony demonstrating the right to life of the unborn,  Supreme Court Justice Risa Levine removed herself from the case. Explaining why she did so,  court records show her explaining that “she felt she didn’t have the necessary detachment that she must have in trying a case.” Pro-life sources in BC note the public nature of Levine’s pro-abortion stance.

In an interview with LifeSite, Formby indicated that he believes Levine’s stepping down was an indication of the gravity of the case. Formby explained that while the case revolved around the bubble zone law, arguments being put forward were forcing the ruling to decide on the constitutionality of denying the unborn child Charter rights. Although many people, including those in the pro-life community, have failed to take the Demers case seriously, it is heartening to see the courts taking it seriously, he said.