MIAMI, May 23, 2003 ( – Governor Jeb Bush faced a setback today in his attempt to have a separate guardian appointed to protect the unborn baby of a raped handicapped woman. That case is still before the courts. The setback stems from a similar case, in which a Miami-Dade County circuit judge, Arthur Rothenberg, ruled this morning that “a mentally retarded woman who is six months pregnant can have the abortion she apparently wants,” according to a local news report.  The woman, 28, allegedly “managed to state her wishes during the hearing” by saying faintly, “My baby no more.” It is not clear from reports whether the woman received coaching or intimidation from someone who is pro-abortion. Lewis Fogle, the woman’s court-appointed attorney, claimed the young woman “desires to have the pregnancy terminated.”“I understand,” Rothenberg told the court. “I’m confident I understand. I have no moral uncertainty.” He ordered Jackson Memorial Hospital to carry out the abortion of the late-second trimester baby after doctors objected that they saw no medical reason to do so. The judge ordered them to preserve “samples of the fetus” in order to attempt to determine the late child’s paternity.  Meanwhile, in Orlando, Gov. Bush still hopes that the court will appoint a guardian “to protect an innocent life.”  For local news coverage: and   For previous LifeSite coverage:  FLORIDA JUDGE DELAYS NAMING GUARDIAN FOR UNBORN CHILD