By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BARCELONA, December 17, 2007 ( – Spanish authorities in the province of Catalonia continued their ongoing operations against abortionists with the arrest of seven doctors, including two psychiatrists, two anesthetists, and three gynecologists.

Officials told the French Press Agency (AFP) that operations were continuing and that there might soon be more arrests.

According to local media reports, the psychiatrists are charged with falsifying documents to show the need for an abortion based on psychological “health”, one of the three types of abortion that have been decriminalized in the country.  The other two are cases of rape and fetal deformity.

The gynecologists are reportedly accused of signing falsified second evaluations, which are also necessary to do such abortions.  The anesthetists are accused of participating in abortions and then falsifying the reports following the procedures.

The doctors are affiliated with Spain’s “abortion king” Carlos Morin, who is in jail without bail awaiting trial for conducting numerous illegal late-term abortions.  According to pro-life activists, Morin’s chain of abortion clinics, “Ginemedex,” has transformed Barcelona into Europe’s “abortion Mecca”, where people from all over the continent can travel to evade restrictions on late term abortions (see previous LifeSiteNews coverage at

The arrests bring the total to thirteen doctors and clinic personnel who have been arrested in recent weeks in an ongoing investigation into clinics in the province of Catalonia, where foreign journalists originally exposed Morin’s criminal activities in hidden camera exposes. They proved that foreigners were paying thousands of Euros for abortions forbidden under Spanish law as well as the laws of their own countries. 

One Dutch woman was arrested two weeks ago by Dutch police for obtaining an illegal abortion in one of Morin’s clinics in Barcelona.  Dutch law prohibits abortions after the 24th week.  The woman was jailed and charged with murder and infanticide

In related news, Spanish authorities in Madrid announced that charges had been filed against the “El Bosque de Madrid” abortion clinic recently infiltrated by a hidden cameraman from the Spanish network Intereconomia TV, which actually showed a doctor performing illegal abortions, in what may be the first time in history the procedure has been shown on a national television network (see LifeSiteNews coverage at: ).

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