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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Seven Canadian provinces now oppose an Emergencies Act declaration made Monday by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who claims it is needed to stop the peaceful Freedom Convoy protesters in Ottawa.

The Premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec were the first to oppose the extreme measures made by Trudeau.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said Monday that his government does “not support the Trudeau government invoking the Emergencies Act.”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said Monday that he told “Prime Minister Trudeau that Alberta’s Government is opposed to the invocation of the federal Emergencies Act.”

Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson said Trudeau’s declaration of the Emergencies Act was an “unnecessary” thing to do.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault said that he was “very clear” to Trudeau that “the Federal Emergencies Act should not, must not, apply in Quebec.”

A few days ago, Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston said that the Emergencies Act was not needed in his province.

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs also said that he does not agree with the Emergencies Act being implemented.

Recently, Prince Edward Island Premier Dennis King said the Emergencies Act is not needed as well.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said he supported Trudeau declaring the Emergencies Act.

British Columbia Premier John Horgan and Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Andrew Furey said they support Trudeau in enacting the Emergencies Act.

No less than six provinces, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba,  Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador have already or will be soon dropping most COVID rules, with more saying they will do so as well.

Two Canadian premiers and 16 U.S. state governors in a letter recently demanded that Trudeau and U.S. President Joe Biden allow un-jabbed truckers to cross the border.

Trudeau took the unprecedented step of enacting the Emergencies Act, which he claimed was needed to deal with the truckers from the Freedom Convoy. Trudeau’s new powers allow the government to freeze anyone’s bank accounts associated with the convoy without a court order.

Both the House of Commons and the Senate are debating the Emergencies Act this week, and if either chamber votes against it, the Act will cease to be in effect, which means essentially a vote of no confidence against the Trudeau government.

Despite the new threats from Trudeau, organizers for the Freedom Convoy said Tuesday that they would “hold the line.”