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5,000 parents joined a rally in Toronto on April 14 to protest the Wynne sex-ed curriculum.Steve Jalsevac / LifeSiteNews

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TORONTO, May 26, 2015 ( — A newly formed umbrella group is holding a June 7 Family Sit-in and March at Toronto’s Queen’s Park that organizers expect will draw 7,000 to 10,000 people to protest the Liberal government’s controversial sex-education curriculum.

It’s the first event for the Canadian Families Alliance, a grassroots parent movement that so far consists of several parents groups, cultural associations, and social media groups, representing an estimated 200,000 Ontario parents.

CFA expects more organizations to join the alliance, which unites parents from different political, cultural, and religious backgrounds on the one issue of opposing the Wynne government’s new sex-education curriculum.

In keeping with this, the theme of the June 7 CFA family sit-in and march is “We say no to the radical sex-ed curriculum!” CFA is demanding that the Liberal government withdraw the radical sex-ed curriculum and consult parents on any further proposed revisions to the curriculum.

The 4-hour event begins at 2 p.m. at Queen’s Park with families for a rally and speeches while enjoying their own picnic lunch (portable outhouses will be set up) after which participants will march south on University Avenue, east on Dundas Street to Bay Street, north to College Street then west, back to Queen’s Park which will mark the end of the day's events.

The Canadian Families Alliance represents an unusually broad spectrum of faith and cultural backgrounds, including Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Chinese, Russian, and African. 

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Protesting that they had not been properly consulted and that their parental rights disregarded, a rapidly growing number of parents are rejecting the radical sex-ed curriculum, which introduces homosexuality and gender identity in Grade 3, masturbation in Grade 6, and oral and anal sex in Grade 7. Other objectionable issues include the curriculum’s advising Grade 7 children to carry a condom in case they engage in sexual activity, and advising Grade 8 children to think up a sexual plan and that there are six genders rather than only the biological genders of male and female.

Despite the growing outcry, Premier Kathleen Wynne has refused to back down on the Liberals’ plan to roll out the radical sex-ed curriculum in provincially funded schools in September 2015.  The Liberals have a majority government and the next provincial election is scheduled for October 2018.

CFA is a united voice of independent organizations and individuals determined to keep up opposition to the Wynne Liberals’ sex-ed curriculum. The parent associations so far involved are: Parents Alliance of Ontario; Thorncliffe Parents Assocation; Howa Grp Voice of Parents; Parents as First Educators; The Well Informed Parent; Coalition of Concerned Parents; Muslim Moms Empowerment Network; Scarborough Parents; United Front Canada; and Campaign Life Coalition.

The cultural organizations involved at this point include: United Hindu Congress of Canada; Russian Congress of Canada; Russian Orthodox Metropolis of Canada; Greek-Orthodox Christians of Canada; Islamic Center of Toronto; Georgian Association of Canada.

The social media groups that are part of the Canadian Families Alliance are found on the following Facebook pages: We say No!!!; My Child My Choice; Stop the Dangerous Sex Ed in Ontario and Alberta; Parents and Students on Strike; Boycott EQAO Testing; Parents Against Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum; Parents Without Borders Against Radical Sex-Ed.

The CFA also has a Facebook page found here, and a website at